Monsters aren't OP, it's just the poor matchmaking

I’m a hunter play and since the new patch I’ve been matched with some great players and some completely terrible players. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about monsters now being OP, but I still think the game swings in favour of the hunters (regarding they know how to play). I don’t understand how this ‘skill-based’ matchmaking works, but it’s the main reason for the complaints about monsters. I’m currently a silver hunter, and I’ve never been paired with others near my skill rank, mostly low bronzes or those without a rank, a lot of whom are useless new players who cost us the match. I’d to hope with time the matchmaking improves as everyone is assigned ranks, then the matches will be more balanced, but for now if you’re a hunter and you get matched with new players you’re pretty much screwed.


With instant domes and the inability to get away once the dome is over still in place, the idea that monsters are viewed as OP is really blowing my mind. If nothing else it’s never been easier for teams to beat a monster.


Kraken is pretty ridiculous tho, lets not kid ourselves


I also assume that sometimes there are not enough hunters of your skill level around and so the game just puts you in with hunters that are available. I don’t know what the thresholds might be, but I guess that TRS has presumed that having a match with people several ranks above you is preferable to waiting for an indefinite period.

I don’t find Kraken as much of a problem after the patch, imo the Wraith is now the more powerful monster.

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Yes i get Lazarus players who revive me without the device… Why!!!

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Monsters feel very UP at competitive level.

Yeah agree.
Yet I wish TRS would promote arena mode for new players to get a hang of the game rather than literally pushing them unprepared into the wilderness and see how that pays off.

Like giving out a free skin after completing 50 arena matches.
Or atleast only get players in hunt 2.0 who have a particular class on elite.
I know it sounds a bit harsh, I’m just brainstorming.

Hunters should know the very basics of hunting.
The tutorial seems insufficient or not used by those players that we see in hunt 2.0 being pushed into the lobby with advanced/good players.
I don’t want to put the blame on the players though, I just wish they’d be better prepared.

I feel like there should be a proper tutorial mode they must complete or they have to get to a certain level before they’re allowed to play ranked. Even the most skilled players will be unable to carry a team of incompetent hunters.

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They are. And they’re still going to stomp in pubs. That’s how the game works. People who think monsters are too strong should watch high level play.


Im a Silver Master monster which I wasnt expecting (I thought I would be atleast in gold because I didnt lose any of my Placement Matches) im trying to see where my hunters will be in… I hope its not bronze… in expecting atleast silver.

Monsters feel really OP when I’m matchmaked with randoms. I’ve had a lot of pretty bad stomps since Hunt 2.0. A few days ago my friends joined me and we started running a premade in the new system, and we’re able to hold our own really well between constant communication and knowing how each other plays, and 1-2 of us calling the shots on our next move. Suddenly getting stomped was turned into fights where we barely lost, barely won, or won very easily (depending who we matchmaked to).

That said, sometimes the matchmaking throws high tier Silvers (and a few times we got a Gold rank monster) at us when we’re high tier bronze. There was also a recent time when I was on my own and the lobby consisted of Bronze Elite, Skilled, Unranked, and a Silver Master. We got a Silver Destroyer monster, and then a Gold Elite one. I realize the Silver Hunter probably caused it, but it feels really wonky, and I personally don’t like getting paired with the much higher tiers.

Most hunters are Bronze.
Most monsters are Silver.

The game simply doesn’t evaluate players’ skill levels properly.
A Bronze hunter is more or less equal to Silver monster, skill-wise.