Monsters aren't fun to play anymore


Games nothing more than run away until Stage 3, except this time with full feeding perks and rushing your routes asap.

Otherwise you’re literally just a punching bag for Hunters.


thats not true, they buffed monsters health and level 1 monsters starts with 4 points now prior to 3.

so the order goes as follows:

previous:3 points weak,6 points medium, 9 points strong.

now:4 points slightly more stronger then before,7 points slightly more powerful then before,9 points same just as strong.


I haven’t seen much flee till three when facing monsters and when I’m monster I’ve been fighting most of my matches at Stage 1 and 2, rarely needing to go to stage 3 in my games so far. Perhaps you should try different tactics, perks, or point distribution and see if you are able to enhance the fun factor. Also, you dont need to flee till 3, jut get full armor and fight… if you take damage, you’ll get out of the dome before they can really hurt you. The worst thing you can do is stick around after the dome goes down if you’re losing the fight.

Remember, it’s a better idea to have a good distribution of points than it is to put all of them in one or two abilities at the start :slight_smile:


Lol … no it isn’t and good luck with FT3 X-D


Heavily disagree with both points. Most of my experience has been rush to 2, intentionally fight for strikes on medic and support then run away. Fill armor, intentionally fight for more strikes preferably on the same classes. Hit 3, force fight at the relay, end game. I never feel like a punching bag even at stage 1 getting caught out, even as rarely as that will happen now.


If you’re a punching bag at stage 2 you’re doing something wrong. You either need more practice playing monster or it might just not be your thing.


Yeah i fought a goliath yesterday that thought he could just ft3 didn’t work out for him and my team wasn’t very skilled and we still won


Clearly you doing something wrong, even Stage 1 are a chore if skilled.