Monsters are underpowered!


I play as either side, monster or hunters (mainly hunters), and I’d have to say, it is so easy to win as the hunters that it’s a joke. The monsters have been nerfed too much. I remember the first two weeks I played Evolve on the PS4, it was great. Everything was balanced. You had the good and bad teams, the skilled monster players, the crappy monster players… Everything was perfectly balanced. Then, the whiners and little 13 year olds (same thing, I guess), hit the scene yelling “OP! OP! OP!”. Now, we have a goliath who’s melee attacks don’t do anything, traversal recharge that’s slower than watching grass grow, and just overall damage reduction (at least it feels that way to me). Then, there’s the kraken. I’m not quite sure what TRS did with him, but he’s not nearly as challenging as he used to be. He doesn’t do nearly as much damage as before the 20,000 updates and nerfs, and he’s too slow while flying, or levitating, or whatever you call it. The wraith is about as fast as my tortoise I owned five years ago. Seriously? Reduce the speed of the weakest (in terms of health) monster that’s in the game? I can stay on the wraith for the whole game, without losing sight of it; it’s THAT slow. There’s not much wrong with the behemoth, other than the fact that his traversal ability regen is slower than an elevator from the 1920’s. Oh, I almost forgot, removing the behemoth’s ability to roll, attack, roll, attack was a big mistake. That was part of the whole appeal to playing him. Seriously, if you get caught in that chain, why are you even playing the game? All you have to do is fly up, and you’re out of it. I payed 15 bucks for the behemoth; I expect him to perform as such. And, before anyone screams “you’re just bad”, I win almost every single game I play (I’m level 36, so I usually play the dedicated lvl 40s), no matter the side. That doesn’t mean that I’m not dissatisfied with the monsters’ performances and the challenges (or lack of) that come with fighting them. The whole point of the game is to fight a boss. The monster is the boss fight of the game. Bosses are supposed to be overpowered. They’re supposed to be hard. Now, I may be complaining, but I’m gonna have to say that people need to stop yelling “OP!” after every game that they get metaphorically and literally stomped in.


Holy great wall of text Batman!
Lol jokes aside, if it wasn’t for all the shite bugs surrounding monsters cough freezing games, non spawning abilities, traversals not working correctly, non-registering abilities cough then Monsters would be wayyy better.
Still possible though.
Just when bugs rear their ugly heads.
It gets…frustrating -.-
Not UP bruh.


I’d have to say they are actually UP. Why? Look at the telemetry. Monsters have a higher Win/Loss ratio as opposed to Hunters, do they not?

The vast majority of those are from pub games.

And in most pub games you have one team mate screwing the hunters over, or they aren’t communicating and as such the Monster has an inherent advantage. Taking that into account, the Monster W/L ratio should be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher.


Play one match against Plaff as Kraken and say that again.


True true, I think its probably just due to certain team comps cough Caira+Hank cough that require almost no effort on a pubs part to do well and thus start shifting it a bit.
But I will admit, there are times against good teams where I’m Stage 2, full armor, on “even ground” and I feel helpless as hell.


I see your point, and I definitely agree with you; there are waaaay to many bugs. That’s why I don’t play the monsters anymore. I would be rolling about town with the behemoth, and BOOM! Game freezes. Jumping with the goliath. OOPS! Looks like that two foot shrub is so sturdy that the goliath gets stuck on it, wasting a traversal use.


Mmhmm, sucks so much. Not to mention the “oh you hit that branch while rolling? Sorry, looks like you have to stop dead in your tracks >_>”


Like fighting a Sunny and Caira where nobody goes down because Shields + Jetpack Boosts + Caira and Torvald is raining down hell on you and if you try to run, Griffin will come flying out and dome you? Yeah…


Oh god, I don’t wanna remember that team…


The lack of a Cabot/Bucket was meant to give the Monster a long time to down someone because less DPS, but Torvald screws that over.


Yep, and the thing is, it takes 0 skill to use em. Just point and click a button. Thats what the entire comp is based around.
All while I’m scrambling around trying to keep my rocks accurate, attempting to break los with the drone, constantly keeping an ear out for mortars, sniffing like a madman to keep tabs on everyone, all while being shot at.
Its ridiculous


I feel like the Monsters are taking a lot more damage since the recent wraith patch for some reason?


Stopped reading at “Kraken under powered”.

Obvious troll thread is obvious.


They do feel melty sometimes, I think its just the damage some new hunters bring


It could be but I’ve noticed this with the other hunters too not just tier 4 also Behemoth seems to still melt really fast.


It annoys me when people say that Tier 4 and 3 take more skill to use, because that’s a joke. Sunny? Perhaps harder than Hank but still easy as hell. Caira? HA. Easiest Medic to use by far. Torvald is a little more complex, but not very difficult at all.


Zero trolling going on man. The reason I included the kraken is because I just beat a level 40 playing kraken three times in a row without trying too hard, and he was playing rather well.


Torvalds weapons literally empty themselves for you.
Click ^.-


Yeah the skill it takes to use Torvald is like next to nothing those morters do so much damage and all you have to do is aim and click and if you miss it’s no biggy cause the reload is five seconds


True that man