Monsters are overpowered


The monsters in evolve are overpowered here’s why they deal too muChris damage only due to the fact that everyone is important if one Gunter is down then the others are baite in to try and revive them guess what happens they die too. See that’s not Fairmont only that but the jetpack fuel doesn’t last as long as it should and with the players playing as the monster they only focus on one person and with everyone on the team playing an important part that’s not fair for the monster (especially kraken and wreath) to be able to be so fast and still catch up despite the jetpaco(with too low of fuel) and i get that that is what harpoons are for but what if the monster strictly goes for the trapped what then this has too be fixed and evened out.


Please come back when you have a better understanding of the game.


I am sorry I really don’t understand what half of this says.


I know what most of those words mean but not in that order.


I agree with YroPro. However, I will agree with you on the fact that select monsters/monster are fairly overpowered. Kraken, for example, has too much damage output and mobility. Tone him down a little in either, NOT both.


Assuming you just started playing? I thought the same thing on day one, now I’m winning a lot more than losing.

You just need to improve at the game. Trust me, nothing is overpowered. The devs spent a lot of time making sure there was balance.

I keep getting better and better and it’s easier to win, and sometimes you just need to find out what works with you. With Hank I use to get up close and do a lot of damage, but I’d die a lot. Now I chill back and shield everyone. Cutter drops below the global average a bit but my shield is always way above, and that strategy helps me win more.

You’re gonna see very soon the same thing I realized, it’s your skill and strategy that needs to improve, not the hunter’s power.


Even when monsters only won about 51 percent of the time they’re still overpowered.


I’d like to see what percentage of the time Kraken wins.


I think there’s a thread about it


um yes ?

its 4vs1 what do u expect lmfpaooo


He has hidden words in his original post. I’ll update it soon as I spell it out.

Edit:Chris G Montpaco anyone recognize that name? Thats what I found when I did “muChris” “Gunter” “Fairmont” and “jetpaco”.


Kraken has the slowest traversal and is the only one that leaves impossible to miss trails. It’s also the loudest.

Additionally every ability is highly telegraphed and extremely avoidable. Save jetpack at all times. Lightning can be avoided 100% of the time. You just need to boost right before it goes off. If you’re not confident on the timing just double boost slightly early. A single side boot dodges vortex. Not even going to mention aftershock. Your assault should shoot mines if he’s doing his job.


It’s 4V1 for a reason. If a team can’t work together they won’t win.
When a team mate goes down, and the monster camps the body, it’s everyone’s job to distract the monster away until someone can sneak in a revive. Learn to play with a team.
Quit complaining, The game just came out. This isn’t COD where anyone can just pick up a controller, run&gun and win.
Get some tactics that work for you, and find a team who has tactics that work with you.
This a game of practice, and patience.


Hey, any chance I can play wraith against you? Trying to come up with good counters. I don’t think I’ve lost yet. :smiley:

But at the same time I have trouble beating a good wraith.


Kraken needs to be played like an FPS, priority on defence and dodging over damage. Air dodges are key like this man says, and also just plain use cover like you would in any other game.

Personally I feel like trapper should be shooting stray bullets when possible, in order for your assault to focus on true DPS


By all means man, I theorized some new tactics that we’re going to be trying out tonight as well… Mainly focused around wraith.
Those may be hit or miss, but worse case we’ll fall back to tried and true methods xD



Markov accomplishes both. :smiley: But yes, trapper is definitely a damage dealer against kraken, though a Cabot is ideal.

Edit: Is there any other system? :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you played against a good group of hunters?


Thank you both. Certainly a high skill curve involved in fighting Kraken.


Hehe that’s why I specified stray; the Lightning gun should pop them all, but if any get away I’d rather assault not have to turn around or such =D