Monsters are OP! Nerf please


Game release is imminent, expecting tons of these threads to appear.

Since I’m competitive, I’m calling it first!


  • Lazarus is OP
  • Abe is OP
  • Tranquil Gun is OP
  • Sloth is OP

Pre-order cancelled.


Dune beetle is OP it can solo a team of hunters.


Now this smells like attention whoring.

To be fair that’s always the case with games in general anyway.


This Thread is OP!


Teh monster is OP, it can take on a whole team by itself! OP nerf pls


I’ve seen it take as many as FOUR hunters to take down a single monster. definitely in need of a nerfing.


I keep telling you people, Ron Howard is OP.


Nah have you seen the new baldness patches they’ve put in? He’s much more balanced than Happy Days days.

  • Toxic Grenade useless! Remove slow!
  • Mines OP!
  • Griffin useless!
  • Cabot OP!
  • Lazarus useless! (after new players try to revive against an aware monster)
  • Cow with chainsaw OP!


Daisy OP, ate stage 3 Goliath.

Went rogue. Send help.


Daisy OP can’t sneak.
Kraken Op can’t reach.
Hyde Op… Hyde.


You know what? I’m calling it right now: Post-Launch- give it a week or two- there will be at least one OP/UP/Unbalanced thread for every single character in the game, and most pieces of equipment. Inb4 everything, I suppose.


Sorry for the low quality :stuck_out_tongue:


Lazarus is OP. He can revive from 20m away, and give the hunters full HP. He has a sniper that takes my armor down in 2 seconds. On top of that you give him a cloak :open_mouth:. Shame on you TRS. Shame on you for making such an OP hunter.


Hopefully TRS doesn’t buy into the bullshit they spout. Eh, who am i kidding, I’m sure they’d just let the nubs filter out of the system through natural selection.
Survival of the fittest, baby!


This is why it’s called Evolve. So many evolution puns…


These forums are op