Monsters are made of air


Out of all the game’s weird physics, I can not accept monsters falling like feathers, because it is the most stressful thing I have ever experienced, I feel like out of all of the gameplay tweaks evolve is due for, this one is the most critical problems that I think the devs should look into and change.Let me paint a picture for you, did Griffin harpoon you when you were climbing a tall ledge? I hope you don’t mind loosing a good chunk of your armor while falling at a snail’s pace.It is just so infuriating and destroys the pace of combat for me, I just feel like this is a long overdue problem.


How is this a suggestion? Changing topic to monsters.


I thought that maybe Galactoid had returned, to educate us all. sigh
We miss you (G)!!!


On topic though, I agree. I always wish Behemoth would just drop like a rock and shake the screen with a big THUD when he landed. But he believes he is a dainty butterfly, gracefully landing before crushing his opponents.


The suggestion part was more along the lines of suggesting they make gravity when falling a bit heavier, sorry to make that confusing because I never really mentioned it in the post


The way you describe it reminds me of how wearing power armor in fallout 4 gives you that special animation when you fall from a certain hight


Just edit your title or OP and then move back to suggestions.


hahah I love the glitch when you roll of a cliff with Bob… He just slowly floats back down and takes FOREVER to touch ground. It seems like he is the slowest and filled with gas… It should do damage too

#GROUND POUND!!! - Super Mario Bros


Yes please.

Goliath with faster falling + elite Blitz Leopard buff = RIP Hunters trying to do cheesy kiting.


the monsters, along with the hunters and wildlife, all fall at the same acceleration of 10 m/s^2. Which is scientifically accurate(98%). If you’ve taken entry level physics course you’d know that a big, seemingly heavy monster wouldn’t actually fall any faster than a hunter or anything else for that matter.
So if TRS were to increase the gravity for monsters, they’d have to do it for hunters as well. Aaaand… what’s the point. It’s accurate.


That is EXACTLY how I picture it!!!


The only Monster, where the “feather-fall” is not completely out of place is Wraith. But I have to admit, I hate falling so slow when trying to get down from a cliff to get some snackin’ going on before the hunters get to me. While doing some mid-air ballet. Looks ridiculous. But yes, I agree. The Monsters should land with great impact force. Doing some damage to the hunters with this would also be sweet.


Yeah, but I think the biggest issue is that it’s anti-climactic. I don’t feel like a Monster the size of five cars just crashed to the ground.


I don’t think it should be changed for Kraken, Gorgon and Wraith.

For Goliath and Behemoth however… This sure could help them deal with up&down kitting.


Ever seen attack on titan? When they cut off a titan arm, and figured out that the arm is actually weightless like it was air.

Maybe this give some proof that monsters are not natural and are some type of genetic expirement.