Monsters are in my opinion a little OP At S1

Ok I’m not one for monster bashing but oh my god give me strength every match all the bloody monsters are thrashing me,admittedly the players I’m with thus far have been dire but every monster generally are like gods it’s ridiculous.
First of all they are evolving far too quickly now gives you no chance,in fact as much as I liked the initial hunt 2.0 I think now it’s completely killing pub play IF you play solo no parties that is.

I’ve just come off because 5 games in a row kraken wraith Bob are too strong and why are people picking Cabot? Seriously the worst support and to top it off they don’t even use the bloody damage amp!

So, they’re really monsters now? I know what you mean though. I’ve been on both sides of that one.


It’s hard for me to win as a monster, I can’t get away half the time

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Yeah there monsters alright ha! But I mean most matches just don’t seem fair it can’t be that I’m with noobs all the time it has too be the monsters that are too strong

sounds like you are just playing good monster players

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How about changing your title to “why are people picking cabot if they don’t use the amp’ ?!”

Because it seems to be all your problem…

It’s an extremely delicate thing. A few mistakes and monster crushes you. Same the other way as well.

Dude that was just a side note read the OP again geez

I simplified the title.

Monsters this time around have been balanced towards higher level play meaning that they will be pub stomping much easier against uncoordinated teams with no mic.

As for

Cabot is a fine support, he allows for major damage to be dealt in short bursts unlike his previous long burst of high damage and people whom don’t use the damage amp are not correctly using Cabot, he is meant to be an aid to the Assault mainly and without the damage amp is about as useful as a cabbage. Hence, his nickname, Cabbage.

When your playing pubs with randoms Cabot is just death waiting to happen premades they might be ok with him

Well for this game to be balanced, playing with pubs on the hunter side of course is going to be harder. Remember, the hunter side is supposed to require teamwork and coordination, and when you play with ransoms that you’ve never practiced with, the chances are you’re going to lose. To have a fair chance, either you communicate and work with that team if pubs well, or are with friends that you play with often. Monsters sound like they are how they are supposed to be. Strong, scary, and formidable. Even at stage 1, the monsters shouldn’t be an easy win because they’re monsters. Keep playing and practicing. Make some friends or get the people you play with already and get kick some monster tail. You can do it man. Don’t scream OP just because they are actually a challenge now. Plus with the leaderboards wiped, the people that were good with monsters before, are probably ranked as low levels right now since they also had to start at the bottom too. So give it time for the ranking system to take it’s course and I’m sure you’ll have more fun. For now, accept the challenge, win with honor or die trying. Good luck my man :fist:

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You need someone who knows how to play the character. Any character sucks at low levels. At bronze and possibly silver I assume no one knows how to use him and thus, suck with him.

I also suggest keeping the title short and sweet and going into further details in the OP itself rather than keeping the large title.

No the monsters are not even trying and winning easily just spam and you insta die well it feels like that

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that’s kinda interesting. personally as a monster player iv’e had more close games since the patch than not

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So basically unless your in a party you might aswell pack up and go,also have you seen the monster leaderboards they all have 70 odd wins o losses on ps4

Every1 should know in silver division how to play the hunters it just monsters have more room for errors hunters can’t afford no errors to even get a close win now

No it’s more along the lines of playing a game or two with that team and if they suck you pack and go. Give people a chance because remember, we are all human. If you’re having issues go support and try to go Hank and keep them alive. That’s what I do when paired with a not so good group. You’ll be surprised how much better those people perform when you legitimately support them. Just make sure to watch your own back, because if this is the case, you are the life line of the group, not the medic

Dude I quit playing jack went hank for a few games guess what,the OP kraken just spammed his mines followed by lightning strikes followed by my immediate death= game over

Evolve comes down to pure luck in terms who your paired with,you should be able to just jump on have fun and win some games,it seems a win now is like a one off if your playing a bad monster

Then you should pack and go. If that team can’t work with you and leads to your losses, then you need to find people that are better. The team if hunters require teamwork to have it’s full potential. The reason monsters may seem OP to you right now is because they aren’t dependent on a team. Monsters are a 1 man army compared to the hunters. This is how the balance should be once you think about it. This game is not, in nature, friendly to pubs, hunters and monsters alike.

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