Monsters are humanoid


So… all of them are humanoid and bipeds… They’re like people… except monsterous.

Since we already know that there were multiple mutagen wars, where the ability to blend creature and human DNA were blended and perfected into a science; I can’t help but wonder… Could this be the outbreak of a fourth mutagen wars? One to be fought against mega corporations?

So… What we know.
According to Slim: Some of these mutants (like himself) can actually fly in space… which is somewhat expected to be where these aliens come from… after all, they hit a Factor first.
According to Caira: They’re not native to Shear… and their eggs don’t have babies in them… they don’t grow “naturally”
According to Hyde:… they have faces.

So how about it… human genetics… mixed with monstrous fauna?


I had a similar idea as well, namingly once I saw the Wraith and how closely she represents a female human. While my main suspitions point towards Ebonstar, I dont think they actually created the monster but its clear they know more than they are willing to share, considering they already had equipment setup within days to study the Wraith and reproduce her translocation field. So I think its a outside corporation that no one knows anything about and that they can control these monsters, maybe in hopes of weaponizing them? Similar to how the “Pilots” from the movie Alien used the Alien eggs, as a “fire and forget” weapon that just wipes out all life on the planet and allows the corporation to move in and probably harvest resources from the planet.

Just a theory though.


Couple of small issues, one of them being the monster’s extreme inteligence, smart creatures don’t let themselves be controlled, it most likely was an acident, and the monsters adapted and spread to other planets.


Slim has a conversation with Torvald where Torvald talks about how he was torn apart by a monster several months before any recorded contact with the monsters. This was one that had already been captured so people did know about them which is why the Ebonstar equipment was set up on Wraith Trap.

Seems likely that they are some sort of genetic experiment that went wrong with a little alien technology thrown into the mix


Kraken is somewhat quadrupedal. And Wraith floats.


Well Kraken does walk on all fours and so does Behemoth.


They may walk loosely on all fours, but they still have to arms and two legs blatantly.

The wraith has 2 extra arms, but they’re blatantly added apendages to a humanoid frame.

people CAN walk on all fours if they so choose, it’s uncomfortable.

However: All the mounting points as to where these appendages are, are according to a humanoid frame. upper and lower torso having the correct locations for their specific limbs.


Monsters are not humanoid.

The ability to sometimes walk on hind legs does not make a creature humanoid. Just for the record, great apes are not considered humanoid.

Take a look at goliath’s hind legs, his body proportions, long arms, the way his head is attached to his neck. He is the closest one of the four to be considered humanoid though, and also has opposable thumbs/claws

Kraken is already more twisted. Additional limbs, Exceedingly long arms, body posture …

Wraith flies, has tentacl’ish lower body, extra-arms and a decidedly horizontal and sinuous motion. Closer to reptiles than humans

Behemoth walks on all fours or roll, nuff said.

Goliath is the closest to being humanoid, we’re already straying VERY far with Kraken, and are totally off the mark with the other two!


Not really ill come back in a minute and show my reeasoning


So, you’re comment is that because the appendages are different, and the humanoid torso doesn’t count for anything, and they can’t possibly be mutant humans of a new 4th gene war?

Or are you just arguing the point that they’re not humanoid?


I think they are the product of “gene 0” that was too dangerous to get out but they could be gene 4 also


Oooh, I hadn’t thought of that!.. That would fit too!


Just on the humanoid thingy. I’m not gonna speculate on their origins.

Point is, if we look at your definition of humanoid, it also fits a kangaroo (well, almost) :slight_smile:


LOL… Dear Devs, I want a kangaroo monster… oh wait, we have a brawlers leaping monster in the game already :goliath_roar:

You are right. A lot of the mammals on our world share similar design/ancestory if you follow the theory of evolution. It’s why there are no/few creatures with six appendages on our world. It just didn’t make sense on Earth.

But that’s a whole different arguement! I will agree that perhaps “humanoid” isn’t the right choice of word, but I don’t think there’s a word for “built like a human, but not quite”.


I don’t know of any mammal with more than four limbs, I think that even aquatic mammals or cetaceans show vestigial traces of four limbed evolution, but I’m certainly no expert. To find 6 legs or more you definitely need to go to the insect world (or curstaceans or microscopic lifeforms that should never be shown to kids under a microscope and told “this lives in your pillows”).

As far a Kangaroos go, please don’t tell me that Behemoth’s guts issues stem from a badly developed marsupial pouch, that is just gross :slight_smile:

To get back in topic as far a lore goes, I could easily stretch my imagination to consider that monsters were once human. However, I don’t think so.

Based on some dropship conversations (namely Torvald’s), I’d opt for the old “corporate greed in face of momentous discover” approach.

I don’t think monsters have been created by humans. However, I do think entirely possible that humans have contributed to their accidental spread and everything.

Think about Xenomorphs in Aliens and the countless attempts to control them for military purposes and you’ll have an idea :slight_smile:


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Okay nvm i was gonna highlight the skeletons of the monsters and prepare them to a human


LOL, Actually… I was thinking that Behemoth was an experiment gone wrong, so they Lazerous’d the remains and it came up Behemoth… They look very undead to me :stuck_out_tongue:

And you know… Lazerous is always talking about bringing back the remains to the lab… somewhere…


I think, all things considered, Hyde is the wisest when it comes to “studying” the creatures.

They’re big, they melt when you burn them, bleed when you shoot them, and they taste like chicken.

What else do we need to know about them?


Well behemoth technically does walk on all fours, but he walks in the style of a gorilla, where he uses his hand as pseudo feet