Monsters are an alien parasite?


Has Any one thought that Goliath or maybe all other Monsters to come could actualy be parasites and those eggs are ppl transforming into them?

It would explain why they are born fully grown giants

Maybe its the same thing that happened in that planet whos name i do not recall that the hunters talk.

Sorry if any one made a topic out of something like this


Factor? Nah, Monsters are just monsters made by a big momma monster.
Its cray yo.
And yes, the same thing happened on Factor if thats what you’re thinking of


Then she lays eggs like crazy


We know for a fact that they are made by a matriarch monster. What this monster looks like and how big it is however, remains a mystery.


Its like termites.
Mama shows up, makes dem babies, babies grow up startlingly fast, then they F everything up.


Not true.

There is specific dialog by Caira that mentions how there are no baby monsters inside of the eggs, but rather they are just filled with “goo” yet despite no embryos or fetuses, large fully developed monsters can immediately materialize/emerge from the eggs.

This suggests that the eggs are not actually “eggs”.


Not true at all, merely that they’re unfertilized until the moments before their hatching…
Which means, you’ve been mating with those eggs every time you crack one open… And wriath babies look like goliaths!


I meant babies as in stage 1 monsters, i call stage 1s babies cuz theyre so adorable :3


Big Mamma Monster Eh?

It’d be sick if that were the queen, though.


The Goo is almost certainly just unused building materials, a soup of nutrients and calories that the undeveloped monster cell contained in it uses for explosive growth, growing to size in seconds much like the formed monster’s do when evolving.

Why goliaths?
Seriously the reason the eggs turned into goliaths when forced to hatch quickly is because goliath is the simplest monster to develop, no electricity field generating organs, no teleportation manipulation cells, just muscle, bone, common organs, and a relatively simple brain structure. Even fire breath only requires slight modification of the digestive system.

To grow a wraith, kraken, behemoth, or other monster form requires a more complex time for the base cell to grow and develop it’s secondary base organelles, the one’s that allow them the vast and differentiated abilities exhibited by the various forms, after which they grow and break forth on their own.

Not official, my head cannon, and food for thought only


The monsters reproduce Asexually!
If the humans can introduce a virus that targets the monsters, there is no way they can survive, the plague will wipe them!