Monsters appearance based on chosen abilities

Hey @MacMan! I don’t really know who else would be able to answer this but I’ve always been sorta curious. Have you or any of the devs thought of making different appearances for the Monsters based on the skills they choose?

It’s a cool concept that I’ve thought about since day 1 but never really mentioned it. For example,

Say a Wraith takes lvl 3 Supernova, her scythes would then be massive while other aspects of her would change based on the point selection like, 3 in decoy may cause more spikes on her back because of cell division or something. I don’t know I’m not that creative.

Its just something I’ve always wondered, so have you guys over at TRS ever thought of having different models for the different abilities chosen?

Also I made this a thread and not a PM because I want to know what others think of this and if they’ve ever thought of it as well.

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You should check out the Development of Evolve thread…

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I have unless I’ve… I totally forgot about that…

It never struck me that the concepts for the different body parts were based on chosen abilities

Although I’m still curious as to why it was all cut from the game. Anyways, feel free to close the thread Mr.Crazy Tester!

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:sadface: No please leave open. please

Sorry Eye, he asked :<

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