Monsters after latest "patch" = The choice for masochists?


I’d say yeah, most definitely.


Yeh. I play as Goliath (approx 200 wins actualy) and I’ve not been defeated since lonnnnng weeks before the patch. Now it’s pain in the ass to be sneaky because of Goby and I take so much damage because of Torvald ! :scream:

And the shield of Sunny which make her able to DPS while shield everyone who gonna take a hit. That little shield robot has no cooldown, I find it kinda strange.

I had one loose today, did not happened since long weeks.

Torvald need a nerf for sure, I did not find arguments to not do that in the next patch


I’m still kicking ass most of the time, though I do lose probably around 35% of the time which is where my win rate was pre-patch.