Monster's abilities reset to zero at stage two


I loaded into the very start of the match when the cargo ship first spots the monster. I start playing as the goliath with rock throw, fire breath and charge. When I reach stage two I had no points in any of my moves. I first though oh I can pick my own moves that cool. I could only put 3 points in leaving me with only 3 lvl abilities. At stage 3 I was able to but upto 8 points not the the normal 9.


That happened to me too!! So you’re not alone buddy, devs should check this out


Same happened here! stage 1 goliath, doing fine after I jumped into a game in prog. Evolve and am greeted with no skills, only 3 skilpoints. I put all three into fire breath, and still won the match!!!

But yeah I hope this gets fixed


Happened to me as well. Joined a game as monster. Put me in a Wraith (only time I’ve played her) at the beginning of the match on Aviary. Had abilities. Evolved. Three points to spend, but with no existing points in any abilities.


Happened to me on every game where i joined after it was started and the monster either left at the start or was a bot from the beginning…
This is already really annonying not being able to choose Perk, Skills and Monster but missing skills Points is ridiculous!