Monster with a group



After the recent update, you cannot choose monster in normal play. I don’t understand why they did this, and it takes away the fun of playing with your friends. The fun part about it was owning your friends while you play monster.

Why did they do this, is my question, and, do you think removing that feature will make the game more enjoyable ?


It does seem they’ve slowly been removing support for parties with a monster in a group. All I can say is from my perspective it’s making my group play a lot less. We’ll play as all hunters sometimes, but never the possibility of getting monster just takes all of the fun out of it. I understand the restriction in something like ranked… but quick play? Even if you have a small number of people throwing, there has to a better solution than entirely disallowing it. I know we’ve stopped playing since the latest patch even though we really enjoyed the game.


Yup, I think they should just remove not being able to go monster in a group. Destroys all the fun of playing with friends.


They’ve been discussing putting this back in the queues when they make arcade mode.