Monster week?


Evolve Monster Week!

I saw this on facebook today.
What does it mean ?
new monster?


Ugh. You did it. You done hit me with the hype train. I hadn’t thought about the new monster or tier 5 all day. Monster week, what the hell???

hype hype hype

Link to the FB Page added here to stop a forum bug-


When I click it, it says “page unavailable.”

Explain, now. PLEASE THE HYPE. :stuck_out_tongue:


<img src=

“/uploads/default/29184/8c2ce64df4070f4c.png” width=“690” height=“345”>


It says keep your eyes peeled this week, that’s the part that stuck with me.


Although it says it’s a wildlife tour of Shear? Maybe new wildlife?


Mother of god the hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



Good idea i will love it too
monster or wildlife i want some NEW !!!


maybe it’s gonna be an albino dune beatle :smiley:


Dear god no. :stuck_out_tongue:


New wildlife would be so awesome, especially if they have some cool effects


Honestly I hate hope buffed up the albinos are now as a monster. :worried: I always go to leap smash mammoth birds at stage one, and normally it would just take it out but the albino one take more damage. It always lands a hit on me, and surprises me.


Would you mind hiding that link behind a word or editing it down its length? The site’s mobile CSS doesn’t word break wrapping, so it’s totally breaking the layout for mobile browers. The forums look TERRIBLE on my phone.


My guess is that we will get a T5 reveal at E3.


There is no “week” XD it all ends today


Naw it’ll just be the dune beetles mothers coming for their babies


prtty sur dat since it was postd yestrday it meens dis week -.-


Calm your tits, no need to get sassy


I refuse