Monster walks out of dome


Yep. This happened with a goliath and with a wraith too on the same day. My team chatched the monster well in the arena. There are almost always some places when the dome’s wall landing on top of an edge and until the wall is active, the monster can’t climb up there… Or sometimes she CAN and if she reach the wall this way the monster is able to just walk through it.

I bought a game with dlc-s, but I got only PC Glitchy Race Edition. It’s just painful how many bugs in the game, Big Alpha was way better… there was no-one who’s dead body fall off the map. And now the Behemoth… It’s pain in the *** to play with a half-working monster. And not just the monster, the whole game is feel more like a still in development product, not finished, tested. I played 450 hrs of the game and this arena glitch thing is the top of the mountain. I’m ******* done now.


Always sad to see a seemingly devoted player leave, adios friend.


Farewell. Hope you find another game you really like…


I actually had a wraith casually walk through the dome before. I’m pretty sure it was just lag. and he was actually already gone.


I… I said the word “Bye”. Really? Okay.


Yeah… weird. I flagged it for moderation so that it can get unflagged.

As for the OP, I feel your pain. Don’t uninstall, there should be some good fixes coming this week or the next!


It’s funny how people say, Oh this didn’t happen in Alpha or Beta! Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah." Well the Alpha and the Beta didn’t give us that 450 hours of game time to have enough time to find out some of the bugs. Especially since everyone that plays those are just focused on playing the game and getting a taste for it while not noticing some bugs here and there. For people to bring up how somehow Beta and Alpha were better are just plain ignorant.