Monster waiting at the dropship = spawnkilling?


In many tournament games i see that the monster totally capitalizes on the predictable spawn of the hunters and it’s honestly lame as hell. It’s spawnkilling ini my eyes.

The thing is, the time you don’t have control of your character when you drop out, you only take over around 20 meters above the ground, this gives the monster a timewindows to easily nullify the comeback.

Sure the hunters have the ‘walk of shame’ but it can be countered by good gamesense easily from what i’ve seen, but the dropship tactic takes the cake, because the hunters cannot do anything against it.

Talking logic in a sci-fi game is always kinda risky, but if i were the hunter and i see the monster below me i would open up that damn jetpack way earlier to dodge and not drop right on top of him and be free meat. So if the monster camps in proximity of the dropship the hunters should be able to use their jetpacks earlier after droping. Since it’s just a timing in the animation it would probably not even take lots of code, if i am correct.

Or how about the ship actually uses it’s weaponary when the monster is in proximity of the drop zone, punishing it for camping.

Or give the hunters invulnerability shields before droping, once you hit the ground or use your jetpack the shield depletes in 2 seconds. The goal is to discourage the monster to attack droping hunters right off the bat, give them a leeway of a few seconds to reorganize and turn the fight from lame into exciting.


If the Monster does this, he’s fighting a fresh team at Stage 1 with no armor or buffs. Even if he manages to score a lucky hit and take half the health of all players- IMPOSSIBLE, but let’s assume- he’s still going down. There’s a reason this is called “Monster Suicide.” :wink:


This really it’s possible but not practical or prudent. It will get you killed unless the hunters are terribad.


He’s probably not talking about stage 1 dropship but about stage 3 dropships. :wink:


I agree. Every video I have seen of monsters successfully doing this, it was with quite a few mistakes on the hunter side…

Imagine jumping down, with a stage 1 monster; with no armour…
DMG AMP/SS, what would he do?


Makes no sense then… How is that camping the spawn?



In that case it’s still fine. You can jetpack dodge about 20m in the air, I use it to avoid Lightning and Rocks.


Wtf… you can see where are they droping. So you can just go there and wait 1-3 of them. :slight_smile:


I say make the T5 assault a sumo wrestler that squishes the Monster if he jumps on it from the dropship.


Easy to dodge, and you’ve lost the game already if you’re having an issue with this…


How could you loose as a stage 3 full armor monster vs 3 hunters dropping down with 2 strikes? Hunters are dead in a few secs. :smiley:


If you’ve put 2 strikes on all of the hunters, and 3 dropped off the dropship at the same time, how is that a bad tactic?


I’m doing this very often to upset hunters. Let support stay alone and wait the dropship and kill again those 3 in a few secs and then again. Most of the time they are disconnecting. :slight_smile:


Then you’re trolling, and prolonging a game just to piss hunters off; and ruining their gameplay experience. Good job?

I would leave too, if we had such a dishonourable opponent.


Call it as you want. I call it “new hope”.


Yeah i was talking about stage 2 or 3, because at stage 1 that would mean grab armor and attack with a disadvantage. No tourney level monster would do that.

Needless to say, Hunters with 2 strikes are hit the most by this abuse.


I know it’s annoying especially against Kraken who can lightning strike all hunters in the same time. :confused: