Monster vs Wildlife


Hey guys I want to hear you opinions on the current wildlife and how it effects the monster.
For me it feels kinda meh. It’s okay and it works but I think it could be more interesting.
There are 2 problems I have with the currently wildlife

  1. Some monsters being to nutritious / no reward for going after big Wildlife
    Some monster types (Marsh Strider and Mammoth Bird) are simply better to farm than others and I mean vastly superior. Its so easy to kill there is nearly no risk they are always in a group and they
    give so many freaking bars.
    Why would you ever go after a dangerous big monster which only gives 4 bars(despite begin much bigger) take much longer to kill and can even damage you.
    I mean I kinda get the idea. You want to have prey that the monster favours so the hunters can set traps or predict it’s movement. But currently they are simply EVERYTHING a monster wants, why waste time in killing one big monster for 4 bars when you can kill 3 small/medium monsters that together give you 9 bars in half the time.
    There is currently no risk reward and therefore no reason to go after the big bad boys.

  2. Dangerous Wildlife is not really effecting the monster.
    The big bad boys cant really keep up with the monster so even if you startle them you just run/jump by.
    I have never ever felt threatened by the wildlife as monster. not. one. bit.
    I understand that the wildlife should be more of a problem for the hunter, which it is, but it
    should also be noticeable for the monster and not be -> oh red monster->“press space”-> everything okay nothing happened

So what are your thoughts on this subject?


I agree with pretty much everything you said. That being said, I HATE trapjaw packs that ruin my meals. Also, I wish that they would possibly mix nutrition with evolution meter. Stronger monsters give more evolution points while weaker ones give better armor points. That could be enough to engage various forms of wildlife.


Honestly Nomads and Dune Beetles really come into play more when they are included in an arena. I’ve never felt endangered by a Nomad as the monster but it’s certainly made a fight against hunters much harder (or easier depending on who made it mad) or at least made me change strategy.

In addition, towards the end of the game sometimes wildlife is becoming a little more scarce and a megamouth up ahead with 4 meats, me with no armor after an evolve to stage 3, and hunters on my ass will definitely get me to throw a rock, leap smash, then charge that meat for some quick armor.

I’m not saying some changes couldn’t be made but I think they serve the purpose they were probably intended to serve.


Well, some of them have perks, which is one reason. One of my favorite reasons is to hide in the corpse at stage one. Works all the time with the sloth corpse


I think out of all the ‘dangerous’ wild life, the Nomads are the most annoying as a monster. Easy to provoke and they move pretty fast.




True perks can give you a reason. Though Marsh Strider also can have perks. Do you know if perks from big monster have a better chance to be a stronger perk?


I leave the dangerous wildlife so that I can team up with them when the Hunters come running. I can’t tell you how many games I won because the Hunters tangled with a Sloth or Megamouth.

Additionally, Marsh Striders and Canyon Striders are now worth 2 meats. Reavers 1.


they do! The Tyrant has HP regen, the most powerful monster recovery perk, the Sloth has 35% increased damage output, and the new large wildlife on Orbital Drill has 35% reduced damage


Do you know if the Wildlife bonus stacks with perks?


Yeah using the wildlife against hunters is awesome and fun and I think wildlife vs hunters is done pretty awesome.
Its just a little sad that as monster when I run around the map the dangerous wildlife plays such a little roll for me and that they dont present juicy meals that are however hard to get.


I think it doesn’t, but I could be totally wrong on that


Ty. If stacks, that % damage reduction can be HUGE


I think it’s kinda dumb that it’s better to avoid the large wildlife if it doesn’t have a perk as the monster. While the hunters have a pretty high priority to take it out, especially if it’s in a dome.


Thats an interesting info i thought buffs would be random.


I think I read somewhere else that only the biggest increase will take effect, so if you kill an elite sloth and have the 10% damage perk it won’t be active while you have the buff.


Buffs are kind of random. The choice of elite wildlife that spawns is random but each buff is tied to a specific creature. Good ones to remember are elite Mammoth Bird (+100% cooldown rate), elite Tyrant (health regen) and elite Sloth (+35% damage).


Tch, elite little shit…whatever the hell they’re called…grants 40m wallhack.


They are anything but random, each creature has a different buff associated with it


Which ones spawn are random though.