Monster vs. Monster?


I think it would be a interesting change of pace to see a monster vs. monster game mode. It would run kinda like arena, but with full access of the map. It would be a fight for resources, no albinos, straight up brawl between two monsters. I mean who hasent looked at two monsters and said “I wonder what monster is the biggest, baddest kid on the block.” Before I have people bringing up kraken’s flying being over powered, every monster has an ability to cause massive knock backs. This could act like vals tranquilizers, bringing the kraken to the ground. Id love to hear your opinion’s and I hope this idea gets to TRS staff for consideration.

4 player monster fight 1 on 1 monster fight

the game is balanced around 4v1, so this would be incredibly hard, if not impossible to balance.

This discussion has been around for ages, if you want, you can use the search function to read up on others’ opinions.


If there was ever an example of why it couldn’t happen, it’s the spider trap ability on Gorgon


Ha try charge abduction vortex and tongue grab too

Every monster has their version cause all monster c.c. abilities would not benefit this mode


Seems for me like a bad idea.How could a Wraith kill a Behemoth?I don’t think that this will happen


I think the answer would be to hover over the behemoth as much as possible and try to avoid his melee hit boxes while keeping steadily above him. The real question is how a Behemoth could kill a Kraken assuming that tongue grab wasn’t an effective way of grounding him.


They could tweak it to be more of a banshee mine like mechanic for large targets, just faster with more damage to balance the fact you can only place one.


How does a wraith fight a strong team of hunters? She uses speed and high amounts of damage to ambush her targets, escaping quickly when she is low on armor.


The benefit could be knock back to interrupt abilities and to ground kracken or gorgon.


Monsters hate each other so they will always stay away unless they need to.
There is no lore reason, and there is no way in-game for it to work.
I would love to see how someone would make it balanced with abilities like Lightning Strike, Rock Throw, Leap Smash, Rock Wall, Aftershock, Flame Breath, Tongue Grab, Decoy, Warp Blast, Acid Spit, Mimic, Web Snare, Charge, Fissure, Lava Bomb, Banshee Mines, Vortex, Abduction, Supernova, and Spider Trap. :smiley:


In my opinion it would be about as close to balanced currently as you could get it, unless your telling me that some posters are automatically better balanced to face off against 4 hunters than others. It would require a more strategic approach that normal game play.


There is no more reason for arena either, so why is that in the game? As for the abilities, I’ve already suggested ways the balance that. The damage scales wouldn’t have to change much for it. The only one I could see not functioning as it was designed was abduct, buy they already have that covered. Whenever you try and abduct something to big it just does lots of damage.


It’d be one of things that I’d love to see/try out once, like the livestream ‘What if’ sections, but would end up being horribly unbalanced. Just take Kraken so nothing can reliably hit you, and if the other monster is Kraken then…well…good luck trying to hit it as well.


This has been suggested one too many times. The game is balanced around 4v1. This should never be a thing.

Also, from a lore standpoint it wouldn’t happen.


Arena is hunt but without the chasing. It’s not that comparable to monsters fighting monsters instead of hunters.
Tongue grab and Abduct would be useless.
Let’s go through every monster’s abilities.
Goliath, Rock throw would be mostly fine, flame breath will probably be okay, Charge would be clunky when hitting a monster, and Leap Smash could be fine, BUT all of them would need damage and other aspects changed.
Kraken, lightning strike would be fine, but aftershock would rarely hit, banshee mines would be almost impossible to counter (but they would do minimal damage) and vortex would only do damage and no knockback.
Wraith: Decoy might be fine but AI would need a lot of work, abduct is useless, warp blast might work, and supernova might be fine if melee works.
Behemoth, lava bomb wouldn’t have issues, fissure useless against Kraken or anything that can get height, rock wall would be horrible with gaps from monsters, and tongue grab is very useless.
Gorgon, Acid spit would really only work on Behemoth seeing as how the other 4 can get height, spider trap is useless, web snare would be fine, and mimic would be useless as a monster could just run from it or get a good ability on the main body.

As you can see, without taking in things like evolution, maps, etc., every monster has at least 1 useless ability or an ability that wouldn’t work well on most monsters.


Very true. Can’t TRS change tongue grab, abduct, to pull the other monster towards you. I’m sure they can change the mechanics, i get that it would take time and work cause you changing everything basically. I don’t know I’m just enjoying what people have to say and their thoughts


Abduction is fine, its a damaging hit a run ability. Tounge grab would be there for grounding, and staggering. Vortex is there for damage and stagger. Rock wall is there to limit movement and slow monsters down to allow behemoth to keep up. Decoy needs work anyway. All of Goliaths abilities would be fine, he seems to be the best set up for mugging anything in his path.


Or possibly 5v5? One monster teams with four hunters. I think it would be cool though either way.


You forget that all monsters have very good traversals unlike hunters.
A charge is useless if a Gorgon, Wraith, Goliath, or Kraken has any height, same for leap smash, AND rock throw could be dodges granted there is enough space.
And how fun would this really be? It would just be 2 monsters spamming abilities on each other…


Srsly I thought about this (like anybody else) and still think it’s not impossible. Imagine pouncing removing traversal for a short time. At this time+1sec sneak-pouncing is on cooldown (for both). Abilities grounds hovering monsters directly. Now we have got a solid base to engage and disengage.
To get a fair fight there have to be some tweaks at traversals. Goliath may get the possiblity to jump upside and Behemoth may use cliffs as a kind of ramp.
Cause all monster wants to fight at the place he/she/it prefers to, there could be 3 different points at the map they have to conquer. Carnivorous plants should restore hp and there should be a lot of wildlife.
Monsters starts at stage 2 and can not reach stage 3, but they can change there points at abilities.
That`s all just an idea. Srsly TRS can use it if they want to.

The spider-trap could be a kind of Mad-Max+Griffin-harpoon-trap.