Monster vs Monster


Do you think it could work?
Would be fun or balanced?

For example: goliath vs a more agile monster. The last one could always run away and recovery faster if thing get ugly, letting helpless the goliath.

Or the moster with better attack stats would always win a melee.

Monster VS Monster?
New gamemode for Monster only

I definitely think Monster vs Monster could work, and I’d love to see it!
There’s certainly ways to balance a monster battle, and just like in any typical fighting game, different characters have different attributes and strengths/weaknesses, so I think it is absolutely achievable :smiley:


I think it’s been suggested before but a monster “king of the hill” would be cool, where at the top there’s a carcus and only one monster can eat it at a time, so you have to kill or push other monsters off to stay at the top. First to reach level three wins


I was also thinking of an idea like this but you put it into words better than I would have, I would love to see a mode like this! :smiley:


It would be awesome lol Giant insect of some kind attacking Goliath…Godzilla movies anyone?


Yeah it would be really awesome, but I get the feeling that the game is being designed to balance only monster vs hunter games.
I wanna burn that insect too… we can only hope :frowning:

I suggested in “gamemodes in general” a mode with mons vs mons with hunters, keeping the spirit of the game in it (hunting).
The gameplay gets really interesting when more than one monster come into play.


i dont think monster vs monster would be good just imagine 2 goliath hitting each other for 2 mins till 1 drops dead. The animations and abilitys are not made for monster vs monster action i think. I would rather have a 2 monster vs 4 hunters mode.


Well if it was mon vs mon then I would make it so you can’t choose the same one. Remember that the monsters are “hunting” too…


Now I’d like to see two Jamaicans duking it out with each other! :wink:


i like the idea well it can really happen in the wild when theres a battle for territory right?? :worried:


Haha, I was wondering if someone posted the idea yet, I really love the idea! I think it would be cool if there was 1v1 modes for monster battles, but since there will be more monsters to come, what if it was like a monster free for all? Having 3 or 4 in the map at once could be pretty hectic, but it could be fun too :smiley:


I’ll admit I wouldn’t care to see a Monster VS Monster mode. It would create a huge imbalance. Just thinking of Goliath VS Kraken right now is like thinking of the Tank VS the Mage in traditional RPGs. Likely Kraken would win by “kiting” the Goliath.

And while we here on this forum may understand that such a mode would be unbalanced, this would unfortunately be the minority. Mass people would complain and force the game into a direction it was never meant to be.

There however is a mode that would work by default. That is a 5v5 mode where 4 hunters and 1 monster team up together to take on another 4 hunter and 1 monster team. That could be interesting and may serve as an extra game mode that wouldn’t require too much attention but at this time it’s not important.


Omg The 5v5 mode is a brilliant and epic idea!!!


Absolutely! My friends and I were just wondering why there wasn’t already Monster vs Monster. We were thinking it should be called Monster Mash haha.


I think it’s because it wouldn’t fit in with the lore of the game. The monsters are sentient, as you can see the minions going off of the power relay when they’re low on health. Though they seem to be striving for one similar goal, so that could mean that they’re controlled by something else that’s calling the shots. If it comes to the survival of themselves though, I think the king of the hill method would work


How about 4 monsters vs all 16 hunters on a huge map or a tiny arena


those poor frames…


The idea of a monster vs. monster mode seems kinda like brothers killing each other.
What do you think @Plaff @SlinkyGuy

And the eating part makes me feel a sense of…