Monster vs Monster mode


An idea came to me for a monster vs monster mode(no hunters, or maybe simple ai hunters, but I feel player hunters would be too good and ruin the mode).

Each player starts on opposite ends of the map and the map is cut up into “territories.”

Each territory is like a hold point; you can claim it by simply existing in that territory for a certain amount of time(15-20 seconds?). When a territory is yours you get bonus exp from the creatures you kill, and therefor level up faster in your territory. Maybe you could also get some constantly building exp(every so many seconds) based on how many territories you have claimed.

And if the ai hunters are a part of the mode, they would obviously be worth some decent exp for killing.

First to 5 player kills(or 10 if 5 is too short of a game) wins.

There could also be a hold point variation where you just generate points towards winning every few seconds based on how many territories you have claimed.

Monster VS Monster?

I’d like opinions on this. =)

“Sounds awesome” or “Sounds boring” is good enough.

I want this to be a game mode in Evolve and step one is getting it recognized and talked about.


I’d try it.


It would be a fun “distraction mode” imo. Kind of like the Mutators in L4D, you play them every now and then as break from the main game.

Not really a fault with your idea, I’m just someone who really likes the “main mode”, in this case Hunt.

But it would be a nice little feature to brawl as monsters. Plus I’m sure we’re going to get “Goliath vs X Monster” like Godzilla vs Kong kind of thing.


There was a topic for modes in general, I believe…

Here :


I would like a mode that becomes 4v3.

Or rather, 4v1v1v1.

Hunter team as usual, and all monsters spawn on the other team. The hunters are working together, but the monsters are out to get each other just as much as they are the hunters.

It would make them need to compete for food resources and force them to fight.


I put this in the other thread…

Another idea would be 4 monster players on a giant map. The goal would be the first monster to reach stage 3 (or 4) wins. There would be plenty of wildlife and plenty of bot hunters. You could attack other monster players but that would generally be ineffective as the attacks don’t kill quickly enough and that would just leave it open for another player to take a big lead. Of course if you came across one in the cocoon… Also if a single player looked like they were taking the lead the others could team up although they would have no communication. It may have to be limited to the same monster type if say the Goliath couldn’t hit a flying Kraken.