Monster vs. Monster mode


They should really add a mode where it was monster vs monster


The problem here is balance. The kraken can just prance around in midair while the goliath just flails about on the ground, same with wraith. Also, abilities like Abduct become useless against a monster.

A possible way to include this might be a 5v5 with a hunter team and monster against another hunter team with monster? Each side has to defend their power relay? shrug

Also the lore wouldn’t really allow it. So far the entire game fits the lore perfectly, so TRS probably doesn’t want to break it on a gimmick like Monster vs Monster


The entire lore is basically your a hunter and you kill monsters. The end. 5 v 5 sou ds good and it would be a lot easier to balance since both teams have identical options.


Perhaps in the distant future when (EDIT: If) PC Evolve opens up to modding we can have some possibilities… Until then, I doubt we will ever see any sort of MvM