Monster Vs Monster gamemode


I was wondering if a monster vs monster gamemode would work. I know that balanceing could become an issue. Thoughts?

New gamemode for Monster only

i would say no… simply because i think that having to make sure the monsters are balanced for monster vs monster would be a challenge. Goliath Vs Kraken? I mean goliath could keep up and out pace but would he ever be able to really get any dmg done? probably not.

Id rather the balance be focused on MvH’s.

The idea has tickled me before as well but after several arguments in my head i think its unjustifiable for MvM.

I think i would prefer MM v 8H just for shits and giggles.


I can’t find the quote since I’m on my phone but a Dev said that mvm was unlikely due to balancing issues, when I get home I’ll try and find th quote with the reasoning attached

Edit: Here’s the quote


Regardless of any balance and limitations concerned, I think THAT is a gamemode worth exploring simply for its stupendous change of pace and exciting prospect.


They’ve said that they will only make 4v1 gamemodes atm, maybe in some far future :smile:

You have to walk first before you can run.


So maybe not a monster vs monster mode yet. Would a 2 monsters vs 8 hunters seem more possible?


Still hard to balance :slight_smile: again it could be doable in a far far future.


Oh, guess will have to wait and see


2m V 8h wouldnt need much of any balancing. it would be just like a normal hunt except twice as many players. the monster could work together and make sure they have safe evolves and you could slightly increase the wildlife on the map.

easy enough. Not like it would be a serious game mode anyways, just for “teh lols”


They did talk about a 12v3 mode in an IGN interview, and though it was confirmed not to be in the game, SlabOMeat commented that it could be a fun idea. Who knows? It could happen!


Do you have a link to the interview? I’d very much like to see it.


One problem that could happen is with the trapper, if their is two trappers how would they use their dome? It might be annoying for the monsters to get trapped in a dome just after the first went down. Maybe it could be like only one dome at time could be used?


Third video :slight_smile:


Thanks mate! But I had watched this video already and I swear I heard nothing of the sort.


It’s at the end of this video


I went to find the link, and two people already got it! Impressive!


Just saw a very easy way to plug/bump my topic XD


By the gods, I can’t believe I forgot he said that. I watched it whole twice and that mention was simply wiped off my mind.


i think the fact that everything is multiplied by 2 it would balance itself out. 2 goliath and/or 2 kraken in a dome would do work. if i was a hunter i dont think i would want to be trapped in a dome for too long especially if things were going bad.

it would be like 4v4 in SC2. no one takes it seriously but everyone has fun nonetheless.

Double the drop ship timer remove generator make it a kill all to win monsters do not respawn.

idk has potential

and the hunter team has the option to focus one monster while the second is just going ham or they have to split the hunter teams up so they can try to control the situation.

I think overall it would be pretty balanced


I’m hoping for multiplayer options (in custom games) to allow something like that. Even if MM V HHHHHHHH breaks the game I would still play around with it among friends😝