Monster Vs Lone hunter?


Continuing the discussion from Who won in the video?:

Actually, this leads me to two questions :

  • In which circumstances can a Monster pounce a hunter ? (only while sneaking ? only from behind ? never “in combat” even if I don’t know what does it really mean…?)

  • Can a shield prevent from being pounced ? And by the way, how does work an Assault’s personnal shield ? I mean, is it automatical ? If you manage to don’t spam it, will it regen non stop or do you need to consume all before…? …

Even if the result of the Epic interactive trailer will always be a mystery, answering to these questions may help us to have a favorite…

(Goliath for the win !.. :metal: )


The “pounce” is the move Goliath used at the beginning against Griffin, which IDK if the personal shield would protect against. The move at the end of the match was his leap attack. The pounce can only be used while sneaking and can only be used if behind the hunter (idk the extent of the available angles) The leap attack is just goliath jumping up and smashing down. The personal shield is activated manually and lasts for a few seconds before a long cool down


Oh lucky you, you played the game that’s it ?..

If you’re sure, thanks for enlightening me !..


Actually haven’t gotten to play yet, this is all stuff I’ve seen in gameplay or on here from the devs


Might be slightly off topic and correct me if I’m wrong, in the interactive trailer, when Goliath goes to the wreckage/rubble to hide, he was running, up until he got inside. This would mean as Griffin walked past, he should of been able to see the footprints leading to the left, under the wreckage, or am I wrong?


I think he didn’t see directly that because the footprints were in …hem… were hidden in grass.
But yeah, who knows ?
You could easily (during a few seconds) think the monster just leaped away.


You’re right. Keep in mind a lot of the interactive trailer was “set up”. There’s subtle things that happen throughout that show it is


You are correct, you can see the footprints leading to the left but we believe that either A: Griffin was not paying super close attn. to the foot prints or B: which seems correct, is that it was all staged to show off Goliath’s pounce


Well, actually I searched quite a lot and found no mention of “shield”, “assault” or “pounce” from the dev’ … =/

(no mention that would concerns my two questions)
But you guys may really be right I guess.


Actually the bit about the assault shield was in the Game informer February article, and idk if “pounce” is the proper term for the move. Don’t forget there are a ton of interviews with the devs on like youtube


In the interactive trailer at 1:21, and also featured in the the reveal trailer, there’s a large green coloured creature on the ground with its sides ripped open. Is it just a part of the scenery or is it there for another reason? Such as an eco system between the animals?


That’s a dead Armadon, Reavers hollow them out and use them as dens


That actually brings up a good question, will we be seeing live Armadons or just their corpses? Obviously they are in the forest level but I don’t remember any live ones


I imagine they’ll be dead. Unless they’re in another map where they won’t be killed by Reavers


Oh, I didn’t recognise it, it seemed to have large fangs in videos, but I probably mistook the trunk/tentacles for them


I did exactly the same. I thought its front legs and tentacles were part of its mouth at first


That’s one big maw O_o


I recall the devs calling it “pounce”.

From the video, when you “sneak” a red icon appears under the hunter indicating you can pounce the hunter. I believe Chloe mentioned you can not pounce in combat. So if a hunter shoots the monster, I assume its now in combat. So it would have been very difficult for Goliath to pounce Markov at the very end.

All this is by no means 100% fact and is based off dev comments and the videos.


This is most likely as this isn’t L4D where Hunters are small and easy to kill or be shoved off. Even a stage 1 Goliath is massive, so taking damage probably puts you “in combat” and forces you off the pounced hunter.

I believe they have said this happens for a lot of actions that the monster can do, such as eating or damaging the objective (I guess “killing” the objective is some sort of interaction, at least that’s how it sounded in another thread).


I think this is one of those things that we’re still looking at that may change between now and launch. From what I understand right now you can sneak in combat and then pounce someone, but it’s definitely an advanced tactic that requires really solid timing and placement. Typically there is no benefit to sneaking while you are in combat because it just makes you slower and less mobile. However, if you can pull off a quick sneak and immediate pounce, it can be pretty devastating even if you only get a few hits in before the other Hunters break it.