Monster VS Khan Noonien Singh


What will happen when this Star Trek adversary goes 1 vs 1 with a monster?

From the 1970s Star Trek show:

The 2013 Star Trek : Into the Darkness movie variant:

(Don’t ask me how he turned from Sikh Indian to White Caucasian)

According to wikipedia,

Khan is a genetically modified superhuman, with six times the strength, are twice as intelligence (IQ of 200+), immunity to all diseases, incredible regenerative powers, are incredibly agile, mature twice as fast, and live twice as long.

As you all can see from this youtube clip:

He is able to wipe out an entire Klingon patrol squad (of around 40 - 50 people) all by himself.

Since he is 6 times as strong as a normal human, do you think a single Khan can defeat a stage 3 of any monster?


I can’t believe I am responding seriously to a post of yours…

But no. The thing that makes the Hunter team strong is the various equipment each one carries and how that equipment has synergy / helps each other hunter. Khan doesn’t seem to carry anything that would help him survive say… Rock Throw. Doesn’t even have a jetpack.

Oh, and pounce.


I think a monster vs Khan battle is like a superman vs Hulk battle, since they are both equally strong and agile:


KHAAANNNNNNMMMMMNM. I doubt khan can confront a monster barehanded. This like asking Anderson Silva or Randy Coutre to go grapple with a polar bear, he need weapons to balance the equation out, otherwise the monster will just pounce/pin him in an ambush.


Stage 3 Goliath vs Khan is like a tyrannosaurus rex vs macho man Randy savage


I don’t think it’s a good comparison though. I think superman vs hulk is better comparison.

Mainly because Khan’s muscle and bone densities are way higher, and comparatively, he would be roughly on par with a monster in terms of strength and structural integrity.

The battle will go this way:

I think this will be a better approximation; just imagine superman as Khan, and hulk as Goliath.


Still waiting on Galactoid’s next thread.


A single one? Nope.
I’m gonna say golaith Is at least 25 times stronger at stage 3


Pfff… Pounce


The only thing that influences any battle between fictional characters is Plot. Any character can win against any character with the force of Plot.