Monster Vs Hunter - Huge difference


This game current build is very fun. I’ve been expecting this game for a while really.

The monster though, is by far… too strong for the hunters in MATCHMAKING. Against an organized group of hunters, which I never tried so far, that could be different.

But… the monster escape is too easy as the only way to catch him is by having the medic not miss one single tranquilizer on him to slow him enough for the trapper to work his magic at level 1.

At level two… I never had problems (again in matchmaking) with hunters. The Charge ability is overpowered by far. It takes out about 40-50% HP of a hunter it touch… if you get 4 of them… jesus.

I just started playing and I know everyone is bad… hell I suck a lot, forgetting to do shit a whole lot of time. But… I just wanted to post my opinion so far.

At E3 we saw ORGANIZED team litteraly DESTROYING the monster even at stage level 3. Stage 2 is a huge challenge for a hunter team… stage 3 = GG since it’s match making. Monster just too strong at this point.


It was the same last Alpha, don’t worry as people get more used to the characters (later in the weekend) it will feel much more even.


The skill floor for the monster is much lower than the skill floor for the hunters. Please don’t make any judgements about balance until you’re consistently playing with level 20+s.


I have to disagree, I feel like the support player really needs to hold his weight, alot of the time im being attacked and hes just shooting? Like use your shield…

Also have jet back refill increase on, makes catching him alot easier.


Yes, it’s simply a EARLY review of my personal play through. Most match making uses their guns more then their special attributes. I mean, when I play trapper. Spamming the hook on the monster and going with his rifle when he’s hooked yielded great results. I’ve beaten monsters a whole lot when team used their special attributes.

Edit : I’d like to add that the special perk in-game +100% cooldown reduce is a bit unbalanced… Since the charge can almost be spammed and the damage it does level 3 takes no skills to land. Therefore, it wipes a team.