Monster Vengeance Weekend

Fellow monster whenever you fill the spot of a fellow monster player that left proceed to punish the hunters that did something nasty to him at least 3 times to pay your kind brethren back.







Dont salute get some abuser knechted.

Yes, sir! Don’t worry, sir! I’ll avenge each and every brother and sister who has fallen before me! Not until the end of this weekend but until the day i die!

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Awww for a second I thought for a moment that someone had word of another event like the Griffin event :wink:

Sounded pretty sweet, “Monster’s Vengeance Weekend”, I’ll give you that!

Ah well! :bucket_salute:

I come only up with the best of names! :smiley:


:abe_cute: :bucket_cute: :caira_cute: :hyde_cute:
How to make people rage quit 101

They are doing a goliath event this weekend actually. 1million rock throws for the something skin. Check their facebook.

It’s funny cuz that’s the one guy we’re gonna see the least all weekend

Yeah, apparently only 5% of the support players currently choose Bucket.

AHHH! Good! I fancy myself quite an arm with Rock Throw!