Monster Variation Skins(Elite) & Split Screen Option Ideas


Just want to start off by saying thank you TR for responding to my last post an giving me advice! You guys are awesome! Secondly I had a couple questions! The first is: Monster Variations! We all know hunter variations can use the base skin fromantic their alternate identity. Now I know that is easy because it is the exact same model. However I think it would be cool for the monster variations to have have at least their elite skins. I know it is work but I would pay if I had to! The second is an online problem. I can never find a match within 25 minutes. For this I was curious as to if you guys ever considered split screen for hunters? Some of my mates don’t own a console but love the game so I let them play of course. I was just curious as to what you’d think of both these topics! Thanks for making an awesome game!


Changed it to suggestions. =P

The skin thing has been talked about before.

However the split screen hasn’t been talked about as much. I like the idea, but at the same time, idk how well I could play this immersive game with half a screen.


Skins and friends? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You’re not the only one who wants split screen. D: I’m afraid I don’t know how split screen would work for hunters… or if it would even be possible. It’s a nice idea, though. ^^;;


True. Worth a shot I think though. I am super curious about elite skins for variations though.


I changed the title so it’s more specific to the ideas you have. Hope that’s alright :wink:

I would love for the variations to have unique skins, but the problem with elite skins is that you might not be able to identify a Kraken from Elder Kraken, and it would cause massive confusion. But I am on board of more unique-skins that show the variations are different from their OG counterparts’ skins.

As for split screen, I’m indifferent from it since I wouldn’t use it if it’s added, but benefits others.


Not to mention split screen will take up more resources and I don’t think a console could handle this game twice.


I see where it would cause confusion but at the same time the variations are supposed to be new monstersite in a way. Honestly I’d be fine with them making only elite skins, since that is basically a reward for being dedicated enough to master them. Recycling the skins from the basic variation is fine with me as well. My poor Elder Kraken is so basic. T-T (Thanks for the title change by the way, it’s way better now.)


Well I can tell you for sure a Dev a while back confirmed split screen can’t work. It’s double everything, and next gen consoles can’t handle that. Personally I think it wouldn’t feel right.



Skins are something that’s tricky as with hunters, it only changes their weapons which don’t change between the adaptations. With monsters they would have to have their skins be redone to also work with the adaptations.
And split screen is a no go, same reason halo 5 didn’t do it, consoles simply can’t handle it.


Black Ops III says hi. I do split screen all the time.


Black ops 3 isn’t as big as evolve though. Evolve has a lot more going on.


CoD has much smaller maps and doesn’t have to deal with things like wildlife spawning. :wink:


I understand completely. But Elite skins are the same across both hunters and monsters. White with gold accents. This means the only difference between Kraken and Elder would be the slight alter to the body, and it would confuse players. But they very well could make the Elite skins for them different from the others, but then it stops with the universal elite color scheme.


By big, do you mean gigabytes? Cause if you do, then I’ll tell you this: Evolve is around 40GB, BO3 is 56GB.


No I don’t mean by GB’s . I mean map size, variables, ai everything . Evolve has a lot more going on.


Oh. Then yeah Evolve has more going on than BO3.


Ah I did not know that. That makes sense. I hope they change matchmaking then because finding a match is seriously ridiculous.


?? Pretty sure hunters have a dark blue and gold combo for their elite skin.


There are bits of white, but either way, confusion would still arise from monster variations having identical elite skins to their original counterparts.


As an OG it’s nice to see a lot of new players here on the forums, and I suspect we’ll see even more this Summer.

First in terms of the Monster Variation Skins. Right now the Devs have said it’s possible, however it’s not on the top of the priority list. TU09 is taking up a lot of resources but something like an Elite Skin would most likely be free like the regular ones.

For MM and Splitscreen…
Unfortunately the Crytek Engine the game runs on doesn’t lend well to processing everything twice like with SplitScreen. As for MM I wouldn’t worry too much about the wait times now. Live isn’t in the best state in terms of balance at the moment. In the Summer we’ll probably see an influx of players for the TU.