Monster V Hunters (Hunters on baby crack)


What is this? People with 40 hours are beating me when I’m monster. Hunters are super fast and do insane damage. Just getting to stage 2 is a nightmare anymore. I can only imagine what new monster players are going through… wth TRS?


Monster V Hunters: Dawn of OPness


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Then, and I really mean no offence at all with this, but you just need to work on improving your monster skill.

The pub buffs are nowhere, nowhere near good enough to make a pub team anywhere near half as good as a real team; if you’re getting beaten by random teams of novice players who generally lack communication, then the issue is with you as a monster.


Couple things to note here. Low hour does not necessarily mean low skill or low experience. They could just as easily have converted from console or in general they could have a titanic level of experience with fps a/o strategy games in general. You cant always assume people with low hours in a game are going to be terrible, everyone learns at different rates. What might take some a hundred hours or so might take others like… 10.

I dont think any of the monster mains are really grumping about the noobs getting the buffs, I think they all (me included) are grumping about this second category getting them. No amount of buffs will save the noobs but to people who do this kind of stuff in their sleep it is a huge advantage.

You can only add so many cheesy mechanics before your monsters are too fat and slow to escape even vaguely decent teams. Pvp games all start to fall apart when you cater to the least common denominator. Sink or swim. You cant improve if you arent challenged (and i mean the skillful out-thinking kind of challenge not this number cheese). They are already working on pve too it seems so the non-competitive will have a place to go. Ditch this silly hand holding or no one will want to play monster. Im pretty good but hardly the best and im starting to not want to play monster even tho its by far my favorite. Just too obnoxious depending on the comps. Or at least give me my “take a break” button back so i can concede but still let the hunters have a fight.


The game is hunter favored, their are 4x as many of them (though some play monster as well), that’s the only reason I can think of why TRS caters to them as heavily as handing them 25 percent extra health, 12 percent sped and 7 percent jetpack charge.

Monsters have a more stressful experience and need to work harder, and still get shat on. Just the way it is


I play stage 1 monster and win 80% of games. I do it because i wanted to level up fast this event. Did not expect to win any game. It is simply 2easy to win vs pubs. Go training map and train some.


That was true like 4 patches ago.Right now if you can’t win vs low level hunters,it means you are a low skilled monster,and vice versa



Do you mean the game isn’t “yourself favored” ?

Did you play the game since recent patches ?

Or you just read that in a mlg420streamer twitch chat ?


These threads are hilarious to me because I am a SHIT monster player and I’m doing pretty decently in pubs. It’s all just pure entitlement - people feel like they are owed victories that they aren’t earning.

Seriously the day that hunters are as overpowered as bitter monster players on this forum claim they are is the day I’ll stop winning 3/4 of my monster games on PC while playing with a fucking gamepad.


Really the only time Hunters are overpowered are in very experienced and well oiled premades…And those are very few and far between.

In basically anything other than the pro level, the game is well balanced.


Edited title to reflect what it’s really about.

I have a hunter cornered, giving it every ability + melees, stage 2, and I can’t down him in 20 seconds: something is wrong with that.

I have no problem with the game being hunter flavored: it should be. Pub stomping got old fast.

My issue is, hunter’s are on baby crack. They’re super fast, do massive damage, and they have so much health it’s damn near impossible to kill one via focusing.


Please, PLEASE post a video of you cornering a hunter and giving it ‘every ability + melees’ at stage 2 and not being able to down it in 20 seconds. I would absolutely love to see it.


It takes less than 10 seconds even if he is being healed