Monster underwhelming in evacution... and therefore the game


I really want to have longevity in evolve, but so far, It’s been mediocre. Mostly because I’m always often stuck playing the monster in evac. When I’ the monster, I lose. when I’m the hunter I win. that simple. As a hunter in evac, I win at least 4/5 rounds. usually 5. as a mosnter, I win maybe 1, but usually 0. I try and mix up the monster, but goliath is suicide if they have a trapper and an assault (oh wait, they always do). Survivability only come from flying around out of reach of the assault. But monsters can’t do damage to hunters with an IQ of 4 or greater. And if you Finally get a hard earned kill… oh wait re gets to respawn in the time it takes to get armor again.

The monster is not a fun experience in pvp. Its great in solo. but terrible in pvp. That’s a bad thing.

So let me do the numbers here for Evacuation:

Monster gets to pick one perk, say damage bonus of 15%. Then 4 hunters pick a perk, lets say each take damage bonus 15%. So team M (monster) get’s 15% upgrade, while Team H (hunters) get +15x4

So monster really has to go defense perk or speed. both mean he can’t outdamage the healing/shielding/respawning, so lose-lose for monster. Did you know there’s a medic that can rez? Inowright? FU monster!

Voting. Some maps verrrry much favor hunters. Team M gets 1 vote. Team H gets 4 Votes. Democracy says Hunters get to choose all maps. Monsters get to cry as he always has to be the underdog. NO maps favor the monster. and even if they were, they would Never get voted for. Voting: good idea, bad implementation.

Handicaps: in my experience in pvp evac, the monster always looses without a handicap. You’ll say “you’re just a cruddy monster player.” Maybe. but as an equally cruddy hunter, I can consistently sweep all 5 rounds for the hunting team. Handicap seems to help the monster non-at-all. This tells me Evolve strongly favors hunters.

Monster’s should not require an expert player with full upgrades to have a decent chance at winning. A greenhorn can join up hunters and win.

Is there an official win/loss ratio, showing how many time the monster loses without a handicap, vs wins without a handicap. I hunch is that monsters have a high loss rate if you exclude solo. If so, there needs to be some tweaking. The game should be balanced such that a normal player can ahve a chance as a monster. Not just the pros. and if mosnters get nerfed just because some pros know how to abuse, then that is very poos logic. I want to have fun in multiplayer too.

Oh, and let me and my friend party and not have to be on the same team.


Meh. You’re probably just not so good at monster. I have no problems whatsoever playing as monster in Evac, and I’m not a “pro player”. W/L Ratio is around 50/50, or more accurately 51.5/48.5. So yeah, pretty even.


the percentage thing compensates because the monster is taking 15% from a much bigger number so 15%=15%x4, I use to struggle with the monster, it takes time practice and knowledge on how to do it properly.


Then why don’t the monsters I face as a hunter ever win? I tire of sweeping 5/0. I dont know allt he poeples names, but the damage boost support, the trapper with the glowing ring things that hit the monster. those 2 alone win most all matches.

And do ratios count solo/coop, and do ratios show monster only?

I can’t see a way to view “Goliath” win loss, or “kraken” win loss that would show how effective each monster class is. Plus the leaderboards are missleading as people drop games to pump their stats. There’s no stat punishment for quitters.


But the monster spreads his damage out over the team, where hunter damage is focused all on 1. Monster get’s diffuse. Hunters are always focussed.


That’s your big problem right there. A monster needs to focus down hunters one at a time when in a battle. It’s faster, efficient, and more effective than just wailing on whoever you can get your paws on.

It appears to me that you haven’t run into any good monster players. if any, at least a few.


You just have been running into crappy pub monsters. A lot of people just don’t know how to play. Cabot/Abe combo also is not a guaranteed way to win matches - I’ve won plenty of monster games against these two.


Decent hunters dont let anyone butt he assault get hammered. Trappers do exactly that. slowed monsters cant focus. Good trappers keep the monster slowed.You cant focus a trapper when the medic can just smile and regen him, meanwhile the monster gets raped by the assault. I dont see how to finish off a phunter without being punish significantly, just to ahve him respawn in a minute.

The fact that I can play 10 rounds and never see a decent monster shows that the monster is too weak to play. If i ahve to grind up allt he skills in solo before going online, something is wrong.

Is there anything other than a ‘pub’ monster? there only 1 of them so its always a ‘pub’ mosnter.


I’ve sweeped as the monster 5-0 twice so I wouldn’t say its underpowered in evac, it sounds to me like your a really great hunter player but a not so great monster, in theory if you don’t wanna play monster you shouldn’t have to but the game is still going to lump you into this a lot anyway because you know, release bugs sigh, if you really wanted to you could just quit if you get thrown in that role but this will cause more problems then it will solve so I suggest just getting better with the monster and evening your game, the biggest mistake I see monsters making is they don’t sneak away from the initial spawn point which will give you a lot of time to feed unless they have daisy, there is a lot of helpful monster vids so check some out, the wraith is considered the easiest monster to play if that helps but some people do insta quit whenever a wraith pops up, personally I’m giving the game a break for a month or two simply because there are so many things like this that need to be fixed and I just find it frustrating presently


Decent monsters can pin their targets down and force them to use up their jetpack fuel.

True. But coming from a trapper player, you can avoid two of the three trapper’s CC all together by moving around the dome or map. It only takes a second to break tethers, and a bright blue area is something to avoid.

Two minutes. Plus, you are taking out permanent HP whenever you incap a hunter. This makes things easier for you later in the game. You only need to incap them, even just one, until you hit stage 3. If you are keeping tabs on your armor and CC abilities (Lightning, rock throw, decoy), then you should be fine after you lose all your armor. Use these abilities to negate the damage you are taking.

Now, each game offers different player skill. Each situation is different. But any good monster can easily understand who to focus and when to attack to win the game.


If you know of specific videos that are very good, please link them.

The only bug I’ve experiened… and its actually triggered quite a few times, is hunter health bars disappearing. Very irritating. Plus rock throws doing 0 damage to turrets.


It still sounds like the monster player needs to be very skilled to have a chance. If the learning curve is so steep, I think it requires reworking. It reminds me of Natural Selection. Marines are easy to win. Aliens can only win with skilled, practiced players.

Maybe I am a nubcake. I can incap anyone I want to. but taking out Hank or whatver medic usually results in serious loss of health. and heaven forbid I kill him and let him respawn without 2 strikes.

and I still cant win a vote! You know a mode is rigged when every hunter teamember consistantly votes for it.


Hunters have a higher learning curve than the monster, but monsters have a higher skill floor, mostly because the monster is one person and doesn’t rely on communication to make plays and the monster needs to learn timing and effective sneaking and traversal cues. Right now, many monster players are trying to climb that skill floor. In due time you will see monsters destroying hunters until some type of competitive meta comes out.


Turtle rock did a series of monster tips on youtube, a lot of other sites and players did some too like ign for example and I’ve heard watching Sacriel play is great for learning new wraith tricks (He’s widely considered to be one of the top moster players right now)

I’ve hit a lot of bugs myself but the biggest and worse was my minion falling through the map on nest like 5 secs into a fight, the worst glitch I’ve heard of is that sometimes the monsters can spawn half in the map and out leaving them immobilized at the spawn point although I haven’t seen it myself


Ty. I do a fair amount of sneaking when Daisy isn’t around. And always around birds. While it isn’t really possible to sneak attack the hunter team, Sneak attacks are good for finishing off the team if 1 or 2 survive. I’ve pulled off a couple early sneak attacks of hunters who wander out too far in defend. I’ll check out some replays and see if I learn anything new. But I’m still on the boat of "a very skilled hunter team can beat a very skilled monster,’ and that the learning curve for the monster is too steep.


I’ve been playing for 3 weeks, The monster “IS” extremely underpowered. Yes I realize some of you all find it easy or are elitist pretending to relate to us non elitist so they won’t buff the monsters, or whatever.

I know how to play the monster, I know how to sneak, how to double back, how to focus, etc. Doesn’t matter in Multi or solo, theres a 90% chance your going to get owned before you hit stage 2 if the hunters are even remotely competent.

The problems are this:

  1. The map sizes are FAR too small. Youre a big ass monster (Really slow), and the hunters have enough movement speed to chase you across the map without you ever getting very far away from them before you’re trapped.

  2. The Support dome… Needs to go away. If your stage 1-2 and you get trapped in that dome, you’re fucked. Even if your stage 3 your fucked because the damn thing is tiny and there is nowhere you can move to get away long enough to do anything,

  3. Damage, Monster damage is laughable at best. The assault hunter can eat my stage three armor and health away almost a bar at a time every second. Yet when I do a massive full combo on one of the hunters, it “Might” take off half their health for 3 seconds… before the support shields them and the medic heals them back to full, while in the meantime, I’m getting rocked.

  4. Monsters need to be able to regain health. Period. Or stop hunters from healing. It’s only fair.

  5. Hunters should not be able to respawn once they are “Dead”. Incapped, sure. But after being incapped twice, or fully killed, they should be done permanent like. None of this bullshit Dropship respawn after 2 minutes. OR, you need to make the monster have 3 lives. (Able to be killed and respawn 3 times). Thats fair.

Having one side able to infinitely respawn puts the game in their favor no matter how good you are.

  1. Hunter damage/defense needs to be severely reduced. It’s 4 v1 and again they have infinite respawns. If your a hunter team and you can’t kill a monster (in the games current state) I’m sorry but you simply suck, as the monsters are so weak even at stage 3.

I can solo a monster, and have multiple times. Yet I’ve never won a match as a monster, and I “Prefer” playing one and primarily do.

This game is obviously tired in the hunters favor, and because of that it’s not fun, I have never bought a game whose mechanics and disparity between the factions pissed me off so much I wanted to return it and wished I had never bought it.

Well, Evolve does. And it needs to “Evolve” into something worth playing. I didn’t believe the 4.4 score it received on metacritic (User/player reviews) as I’ve been following it since early in it’s development and I thought there is no way it’s that bad…

I was wrong. It’s is completely unbalanced. and the matches/maps are rigged and unfair for the player playing the monster.

I’m supposed to be a frikan Monster, A Baddass, A hulking Behemoth of fear and death. Not some pussy that can die in less than 2 minutes even at stage 3.


  1. Monsters are in general faster than hunters if they use the map to their advantage, they can climb walls faster and traverse better than any hunter.

  2. The dome is one of the key features of the game. Deal with it.

  3. Monsters can still rip people apart at stage two and three, there’s two and a half months of proof behind that.

  4. Monsters can regain health by both map effects and elite Tyrant buffs. If you can’t deal with that, thats your issue.

  5. No, they’re not going to change the mechanics of the game because you feel like it’s unfair.

And lastly.

You joined 22 minutes ago and ressurected a 2 month old thread.

Ten bucks says you’re some troll who got banned in the past week.


Roughly half the playerbase disagrees. Get better, practice instead of avoiding it, then it will be fun. Evolve just isn’t a very casual game, that’s the nature of an asymmetrical game like that. Plus, you’ll become a better hunter too. A great player knows every role well.


Never been banned, I just wanted to test the game fully before making a reply to anything, or making a comment. And you’re half the playerbase claim I know for a fact is BS. All I need to do is use google to find 1000’s of threads about this very issue.

That and well every single game site that reviews the game has stated (even when recommending it and saying it’s a great game) “Playing a monster feels underwhelming, and weak”. That and again, metacritic gave the game a 4.4/10, and the reviews basically complained about the weakness of being a monster and how it was unfun and unfairly balanced in the hunters favor, and the DLC prices (Which personally I could care less about)…


Consider this: The people who don’t like the game, want their money back, and so post threads.

The people who -don’t- have an issue with the game… ARE BUSY PLAYING THE GAME.

Your statistics are skewed beyond compare.