Monster underpowered? Yeah right... Let's do this Bro!


Apparently Monsters are not underpowered if you play it the way the game is actually designed for.
Tag-Tam Broliath fights for the underprivileged Monsters all over Shear, bringing justice and balance to the world of Evolve.


now play a premade team who uses caira+hank+torvald ^.^


Changing Damage Resistance buff for Friendly Birds? Really?


Just shows how confident I am in my bro


At 1:45. You hear a Goliath Evolving. You also lose the ability icons and basically your whole hud. What’s with that?
Edit : Ooh, 2 Gols. NIce


What in the world did I just see? Inception? :scream:


what we just saw was a sneak peak at arena mode :smirk:



I…I wonder if you could voice chat…


Oddly enough this is how I figured the monsters overtook EbonStar in the first place. Or it needs to become a actual thing if Hunters keep getting stronger.


chat and voicechat worked yeah :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways, I should probably file this in the bug reports section :frowning:


and i wondered why there was a dome popping 200 meters away… well played


Idk, the leaked achievements only say as monster, not monster team…


OMG Double Monster OP Devs PLZ NERF !!!11!!1


his team was no where close to good. Try playing a team with hank/sunny at support, torvald at assault, Abe or Maggie at trapper, and caira at medic. Also your playing with two monsters so your vid title makes no sense.



Should have tried some awesome combo moves.

Goliath Bro 1 pulls rock out of ground, Goliath Bro 2 uses flame breath to light it on fire. FLAMING ROCK TOSS.

Goliath Bro 1 pulls rock out of ground and throws it high above hunters. Goliath Bro 2 leap smashes into air, catching rock and slamming it down on hunters who stare in awe of the athleticism. ROCK SMASH ALLEY OOP.

Goliath Bro 1 stands in one side of hunter. Goliath Bro 2 stands in other. Both use charge into hunter. FLATTENED HUNTER SANDWICH CHARGE ATTACK.

Goliath Bro 1 and 2 both flame breath same hunter. WELL DONE HUNTER.


Yeah, wanted to drag it out to Stage 3 at first but he kinda got carried away in stomping them into the ground at Stage 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


2 monsters, against a Laz healer. ^.-
Not surprised you won.


I am sorry broliath, I couldn’t help myself :slight_smile:

This is totally what monsters need, to make up for the knockback nerf, though!