Monster Tutorials by SmoothOcean


Just finished up all of the monsters(besides OG Goliath) in my new Evolve tutorial series. Let me know what you think!


Lemme be the first Ninja to say Welcome to the Forums!

Check here for some tips:

From watching your Kraken video, I find it odd that you would put 2 into banshee mines. Usually I go 1 Vortex, 1 Lightning strike and 1 Banshee mine. I don’t find it useful when I have 2 banshee mines because you can’t get both to damage the same target. One always get pushed away and becomes useless.

With your build in the video, It is most likely that you would not survive a stage 1 dome since you only have the mines at your only ranged weapon. I’d say this is the major flaw with this build. But I will watch the other videos because I find it interesting looking from a monster perspective, since I main Gorgon and Kraken,


Hello and thank you for the welcome. I either do this build or take one into Vortex as my main build. I like the banshee mines for rushing to a quick level two, I feel that Kraken can mitigate easier than some of the monsters in a level one dome. Vortex is great for the crowd control and zoning of course but when you do connect both mines to one person it’s great damage! I like to change my build orders up and just see if anything feels better/worse. I thought about making multiple videos for each monster since I do like to change builds up and tactics can change with different hunter combinations. I usually main Kraken or Behemoth these days.


Nice videos. Helpful tips for new players. Liked and subbed.


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I new kid in town welcome and I will definitely look at those videos.


Watched one. The videos seem good but you should probably better prepare your words a bit a head of time. Maybe do a few takes if needed. Sometimes you got a bit rambly. But over all nice.

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Love your videos keep at it👌


Good tutorials! Be warned, though, that there is a large TU coming up in the summer that will likely invalidate some of the info provided. Keep it up for now, though! :smiley_cat:

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This is my first time commentating so as the videos progressed I started writing down more of the commentary preemptively. The first few videos was a little more off of the cuff. Thank you for watching.

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Interesting to see 1 point in aftershock and 2 points in banshee mines. While I kind off understand 2 banshees (send them to 2 different feeding targets to speed up the evolve meter), 1 point in after shock I would kind of avoid at stage 1. The radius is too small that you need at least two points invested in it to make it worthwile. Also it takes approx. 3 seconds before release, which is a long time. A lightning strike or even a couple banshee can kill multiple wildlife faster than an aftershock.

Otherwise great videos and welcome to the forums.

P.S. I myself use two points in Lightning strike and 1 point in Banshee. LS is harder to miss with two points (can still take multiple targets)


Oh okay. I’ll have to check out the others. Just haven’t had time yet. Wasn’t trying to be mean or anything, just constructive criticism.
Keep it up.


Very Nice! Subbed