Monster Tutorial, Gold Keys, Perks, Balance and Bugs - Update 2.12

Introducing: Gold Keys

  • Players now can purchase Gold Keys through Steam to unlock in game items alongside Silver Keys.
  • These are only available for purchase through Steam in the United States for the time being.
  • Various items will have a Silver Key and Gold Key price so players can use Gold or Silver Keys to unlock any item with a Gold Key or Silver Key price.
  • Keep in mind perks are only available to unlock via Silver Keys.
    • Players will unlock the Rolling Behemoth badge for the first Gold Keys purchase on an account.
    • NOTE: The Rolling Behemoth badge will also be available for unlock with Silver Keys in a later update.

Monster Advanced Tutorial

  • A version of Hunt from the Monster’s perspective that is a guided experience narrated by Caira to help explain some what goes on during a Hunt match as a Monster.
    • Be sure to play through the new Monster tutorial to earn a nice Silver Key bonus as well!

Razer Chroma Integration

  • Various features have been added to our implementation of Razer Chroma
    • Ability keys are highlighted and tied to cooldowns
    • Movement keys are highlighted
    • Various pulses to notify when a Hunter is incapped, a Monster Evolves and so on
    • Be sure to check out the changes and let us know what you think!

Update to Hunter AI

  • The Legacy Hunters have been updated with a new AI blueprint, so be sure to check out the new AI on Val, Griffin, Hank and Markov!

New Punch Card for October

Store Content

  • Two new perk series
    • Hunter - Increased Agility and Maximum Agility
    • Monster - Heavy Hitter and Brute Force

Balance Updates

Dome Cooldown is stalled while the Monster is in combat

  • When a Monster is in combat, the Dome cooldown timer will be stalled until the Monster and Hunters are out of combat. Note The Monster damaging Hunters is what will stall the cooldown.
    • Dev Insight: This was done to give Monsters an answer against Hunter teams that will continue to get chip damage after the Dome has been called down after a fight. A goal here was to give Monsters a tool to fight back against Hunter teams and give the option of more Hit and run plays.


  • Shared Dome
    • Cooldown decreased to 75 seconds from 80 seconds
  • Damage over time effects are now included in the post round screen



  • Feeding takes 10% longer for all monsters


  • Tongue Grab
    • Hunter lock out time increased to 1.25 seconds from 1 second
  • Rock Wall
    • Each extra point in Rock Wall will now add an extra slab
    • Level 2 and 3 will each add one extra slab when leveled up
  • Fissure
    • Rank 1 range increased to 28 meters from 21 meters
    • Rank 2 range increased to 38.5 meters from 28 meters
    • Rank 3 range increased to 49 meters from 38.5 meters

(Monster Perk) Heavy Hitter Series

  • Brute Force (Superior)
    • Cooldowns increased by 18.75% | 22.5% | 25% (takes longer to recharge)
    • Damage Increased by 10% | 12.5% | 15%
  • Heavy Hitter (Major)
    • Cooldowns increased by 9% | 12.5% | 15% (takes longer to recharge)
    • Damage Increased by 7% | 9% | 10%



  • Harpoons line of sight break time reduced to 0.35 seconds from 0.5 seconds


  • Jetpack Booster
    • Recharge delay increased to 3 seconds from 2 seconds


  • Healing Drone
    • Reduced incap healing per second to 130 from 176

(Hunter Perks) Agility Series

  • Maximum Agility (Superior)
    • Jetpack Dodge Efficiency increased by 15% | 17.5% | 20%
  • Increased Agility (Major)
    • Jetpack Dodge Efficiency increased by 7% | 10% | 12.5%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the AI would not follow the player after the player hotswaps.
  • Slim players can now toggle off his heal burst when it is on cooldown.
  • AI Rogue Val will now use her Healing Field when her health is low instead of whenever she’s missing health.
  • Hotswapping from Slim will no longer show the auto Healing Burst UI on the hotswapped character’s HUD.
  • Jack no longer slows down when firing his Dual Pistols.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the minimap to look stretched when looked at on non-square resolutions.
  • Hunt Beta queue messages will now scale to the screen and will not get cut off.
  • Val’s Phoenix weapon skin is now displaying the correct scope in first person.
  • The nonfunctional profile button has been removed from in-game menus.

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