Monster Tutorial, Gold Keys, Perks, Balance and Bugs - Update 2.12 DISCUSSION

Or just describe here why, for people that can’t go watch…

Really not liking this change.

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Tongue Grab lockout time… how long you’re locked out of your controls. It was 1s now it’s 1.25.

Globally, and it stacks with sneak damage perks.

Overall, good patch, I’m glad they came back, but the ability cd increase is a bit steep for the superior line on the monster side. It should be brought down.

<3 the Behemoth changes though.

I fail to see the salt?

Soo… does this mean you agree that it should be around 110 HPS instead of 147 HPS?

She got buffed last patch it’s 115/s.

@Insane_521 @snowkissed no fix to mouse wheel scroll which could activate things like righteous fury or super soldier?

It’s fixed. I was doing some solo matches earlier and it doesn’t trigger. At least on Slim.


Ok I was able to play a few games of Gorgon with the new perk set. Like…How is anyone supposed to counter this?

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DoTs are finally going to be shown in the total damage numbers?! What a glorious day :’)

I’d also like to point out that I predicted JDE was going to be Jetpack Dodge Efficiency


I see no Slim nerfs besides incap healing. Great! Guess what? First match on 2.12 = Hank-Slim


Also I can´t buy/unlock the dmg perks at all, and just had a game where I was ´´underwater´´ all game. I was walking like usual and water started splashing on my feet and got super slow like when you walk in water.

I can imagine using Heavy Hitter on certain Monsters. Namely, ones where using gold CDR was decent enough. With that it’s basically a 10% damage increase which is sorely needed on some Monsters. I’ve already tried it on Kraken and Gorgon and was pleased with the results. Not too sure I’d take it on Behe, mostly because getting him into melee range can be so hard, and that’d mean the extra melee damage is going to waste. Might just stick with double CDR on him, since he seems so ability reliant.

You basically trade sustained damage for burst.

The buffs to Behe were appreciated, but again I think they miss the mark. I just had a match where my team was Slim/Hank, me being Hank, and I practically face tanked everything he had until he lost half of his health at Stage 3. He only lost 2 bars of HP on while he staged up. Naturally, he lost. Felt bad for the poor guy. The changes made do not magically increase the actual numbers behind his attacks, where he just can’t compete against decent defensive setups.

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Sunny and Slim nerfs! TRS is listening to us!

Was hoping for a buff to the claw perks (10/15/20 for Major and 20/25/30 for Superior) and a slight buff to Grounder’s DOT (10.5/12.5/15.5).

But the Sunny and Slim nerfs make up for that.

We need to people to buy a buttload of gold keys ASAP.


Do you recall the size of a dome?

I think it was 60 meters. Why?

I’m just thinking about the new range on fissure.

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If I’m right about the 60m range, then Fissure will cover almost the entire dome.

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Yeah I wonder what the width and height is?

okay this dome timer stalling change feels super wierd to play around and is not really fun for hunters…i wanna shoot the monster but im not allowed to who thought this was a good idea.

edit: if i had something else to do in the meantime it wouldnt feel that weird but literally all hunters do is chase and shoot the monster so preventing me to do this 1 of the 2 things is kinda not fun

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