Monster trolling for points?

;_; I do this, but I love “Playing with my food” Its no fun destroying the team at stage one, and ending it there… That’s how I feel anyway, this guy saw it some other way. I love battling atleast each time in each stage, only when I play people that aren’t organized because unorganized people put up a terrible fight.

It’s hilarious! I love playing aggro- and then I realise that I have 2 bars of health and should proooobably stage 2 'em. ;_;


I’d rather just get destroyed if i’m on a bad pug team and just get it over with. It’s no fun as a hunter in those situations.

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Sorry mang, gotta have fun :smiley: Only way you can solve that is if you play with better randoms (Lol thats not possible) or you get a team. I can help you get a team if you are on Ps4. :smile:

I am on PS4, as eyedoc81. I ran around with a good group when the game first came out, but since haven’t been able to find people regularly since.

Lol I think i’ve fought you before, but of course im sure everyone has fought everyone before because of the small player base. Im glad you reached out, because others may help now :smiley:

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Sometimes giving the Pubs a chance is sporting, let them regroup and try again.

Forcing a match to go full distance is never necessary if you are stomping.


There needs to be better documentation on how scoring works, or any info at all… I’d love to know why I gain 8 points in one battle, only to lose 120 in the next.

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  1. They’re fixing it
  2. How Ranking Scoring Works [TRS RESPONSE LINKED IN OP]
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I stand by my original idea, not all players come to the forums so would never see that response (to my request BTW ;))

No need to sigh my friend :slight_smile:

But so many people have asked about it :confused:

Which is why spreading the word in game via news feed and social media may help those outside the forums learn which helps everyone :slight_smile:

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i never do this online for the reasons stated above, but I do it when playing offline, mainly for the points and I also enjoy ‘playing’ with the last hunter :smiling_imp:

I see that Monsters are more prone to troll these days. I also thought that they do this for points.

Yeah no extra points for that… I sort of do something like this but I have good intentions in mind and I have never had any body call me out for prolonging the game. If I wipe a team at stage one I will leave the last one alive to pick up the two that are downed and flee to go evolve. That way they get to play more and hopefully feel like they have a shot. I repeat the process at stage 2 and go evolve to 3 and have an all out slugfest with them there and humbly accept my one point for winning.

I don’t just casually leave either I book it out of that stage one fight like I will die otherwise. I have never had anyone complain so I hope they are thinking “Yeah we have a shot still, he is running!” and not “That bastard left him alive! What an asshole!”

This question has been answered. For full details on the current point system, please see this link here:

@LadieAuPair, thoughts? :heart:

We’re way too limited on characters for the newsfeed. Probably would have to be so short it would end up being more confusing. There has been talk about other social though.


Thanks Tara! :heart: