Monster troll challenge


I had an idea for those trollers out there. what if as monster we can be the biggest troll possible like for example camp at hunter dropzone and surprise attack them and maybe as behemoth trapping them with you in that spot using rockwall and fire spit on the spot they land in.that would be a good troll.leave a comment if you can come up with something better


Kraken called, he wants to remind you how trollish a 3 point aftershock right at the start can be. Been on the receiving end.


Before the patch, I got so bored of winning all the time I’d just grab Goliath and get two points in Rock Throw then as the hunters dropped down I’d slam it in their faces then run away.


For me it was driving home the fact to people how incredibly powerful Wraith could be even while not using things like Decoy or Supernova at all. This match was during the Griffin challenge when I was handing out free wins to those who ran Griffin. Those that didn’t… well…

Stage 1. Warp Blast Only. Final Destination. I left the Trapper for last.

I should really learn how to make WebMs.