Monster Traversal Idea


As far as a traversal for the new monster, how about a chargeable one?

Maybe it’s something like a shoulder ram, and the longer you charge it, the faster and longer it goes.

Sorry if there’s already a topic for this, I didn’t find one.


The only issue I see is if you hit something in the terrain it would stop you dead. Like the Wraith’s Abduction or Warp Blast.


Well, I think that’s true for a lot of things. Charge, Banshee Mines and Behemoth’s roll are also easily stopped. It would be a matter of not charging where there’s a bunch of stuff in the way, in my opinion.


Oh I agree, that was just the first issue that sprang to mind.


Would be a problem, yeah. But I’m sure we could find a workaround.

I feel like a chargeable traversal has a lot of potential, like a shoulder ram blasting hunters out of the way or maybe a monster with very low weight (like Wraith) that can climb high and then do a dive, in this case tapping the button would do a diagonal dive while holding would make it go straight down or something.


A charge could be pretty cool as an ability that also works as a traversal element. Similar to what Goliath’s charge can do but more instantaneous like you said.