Monster Trap domes


Fix this thing! As a Monster, you can be forced into a spot where you can’t move for 30 seconds. This isn’t proper gameplay!


Actually it’s more like 60 seconds and we are unsure if TRS can fix such a thing.



I think he’s talking about God domes.


I haven’t actually encountered one of these to my knowledge but I believe the most prevalent ones are around the relays which shut down any chance of a monster having a chance at winning.


here’s the issue with god domes…what you’re doing here is intentionally going out of your way to stop the game being fun for your opponent.
and truth be told if you are going out of your way to stop someone from enjoying a game then you really need to take a long hard look at yourself and your life and figure out what went wrong


Yeah. People complain about monsters running or being anti fun yet hunters can be just as bad for it.