Monster Tracking


How do you guys feel about the blue glow on the tracks the monster leaves? I for myself find it way too obvious and gives the hunters a far too easy time in tracking the monster.


I personally like it, it needs to be easy or players are gonna have a way too hard time trying to find the monster. Plus it encourages the monster to play more stealthily if it really doesn’t want to be discovered


Well it wasnt hard to see those tracks even the hunters track was easy to find but anyway i hope they have a hard core version of hunt mode there you cant see those blue glow on tracks so it feels like real hunting.


I think Razor is right… that blue light trail that you can see from 10000 meters away is a total giveway for the monster and heavily destroys the hunters immersion.

I want to be a real hunter and track down that monster.
Further more there are little screaming apes and flying birds in the sky and the trackers soundspikes which all become needless when the trail is too obvious.

A compromise would be too see the tracks from 3 meters distance with a blue glow and thenn follow those but not being able to see the whole trail at once.


I think it’s pretty useful if you want to throw the Hunters off! Like say making a track into somewhere and doing a huge lunge into another direction so you won’t know which way the Monster went! I also saw in the video that the Monster cannot make tracks in water, which is pretty obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I seem to recall hearing you cannot make any tracks at all when crouched as the Monster, you can also be really silent too. So it would be best to crouch sometimes so you don’t leave tracks. I think it requires the Monster to play tactically but either way, I’m pretty sure the footprints disappear after a short period of time.

Hopefully that some of the wildlife you can kill and eat with the stars, give you a temporary buff that makes your footprints completely invisible, here’s hoping! :thumbsup:


yea if you like that you can do that even without the blue 1000m trail…

yeaaaa right. eating some alien to make your footprints disappear. -> i hope your hope stays a hope


i dont think they need to have blue glow tracks because you can see them easy without the blue glow thing


Hey now! Let’s not be too brash, friend!

It has been said that eating wildlife (especially ones with a star next to them) give you perks or buffs rather, during a match. Like having permanent sensory vision for a brief while, which also helps!

Anyway about the other part you quoted, I explain why in the next part of my post, silly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If there wasn’t a glow then you wouldn’t be able to see the tracks through the foliage on the ground, which would kinda make hunting really difficult since there’s no way to remove the foliage. If there was no glow then getting away would be far too easy for the monster and off-balance the game


Good Point. And yes i guess it would off-balance the game. But balancing it by making the trail glow destroys immersion. maybe the monster went through the vegetation on purpose to make it hard to track its footprints.

I just dont like the distance and that you can those blue gloweffects and therefore see which path it took after 30 meters.

Those guys in the new video saw the blue tracks right from the start and raced to the monsters like some overpowered Gods.


I get what you mean. Maybe there’s a mode for that where there isn’t a glow? But for the standard hunt mode I doubt that’ll change. Not all monsters leave footprints as well remember


I think the best thing to do would be to make the invisible footprints in case the hunter specialize in trap dies. it could help the creature was fleeing, and make hunter much more vulnerable, because when you look at the video of the trailer even when the hunter specialize in trap dies the group is not more trouble focusing, or is supposedly the group games which means the loss of a member of the group must be EXTREMELY punitive


it is harder, yes but not impossible to spot them even with all the foliage.


Agreed, I think they will, or already have tried that out


I wouldn’t mind if they made it so only the trapper can see the blue glow. He is supposed to be the one who specializes in tracking the monster down. I hope other trappers have more tracking based abilities


I would find it more exciting and realistic, if the monster position was revealed by a “spot on sight” feature by the players. The monsters position would then be flased in a couple of seconds on a minimap overview, which would be visible to all 4 players. To avoid the gameplay stalling, because of inactivity from the monster player, there could be implemented an inactivity-timeout, where the monsters position would be revealed automatically, if he suddenly stops/stands still for a prolonged period.

This introduces some suspension, by making it possible to make surprise attacks by the monster.
At least, make it an optional feature! :slight_smile:

Update: You could also let the monster bleed for 5 secs. after each hit, this will reveal it’s position or direction it went, after being hit…helping the hunters to find the monster a bit easier…and keeps it meaningfull! :wink:


the tracking just seemed far to easy in the trailer i mean the sound spikes were planted and not used, birds were flying but nobody looked at them. The hunter team was just like on rails the whole time.


I agree with you, it looked to easy to track down the monster when you only have to follow blue glow tracks.
In my opinion i think the blue glow tracks should be removed. Cause they are not impossible to see those tracks when they not glow, even the Hunters tracks you can spot them easy but a little harder when they are in foliage but not impossible to see them.
The Hunters have Birds and those wildlife that screams to help them to, but they will also give away the hunters position.


goliath can walk on trees or walls, it would be very difficult certo?


Brandini, I like your thinking! We tried this first (making the Trapper be the only character who can see tracks.) It certainly does feel like a Trapper thing to do. But we found that by giving the Trapper all of the tracking tools, the other characters didn’t have much to do during the “hunt” portions of the game. By allowing the other classes to see tracks, bird signs, and hear Spotter alarms, they could help find the monster too.

A nice side effect for the Monster player is that Hunter teams often split up when they lose tracks (easy to do if a monster is sneaking.) By splitting up, they cover more ground and can usually find the trail again more quickly, but they also become easy prey for the Monster. The Monster loves when Hunters split up!

Griffin’s sound sensors become very valuable late in the game as the monster doubles back and goes to locations that the Hunters have already been to before. They’re also particularly useful against monsters who are good at using Stealth mode because those monsters don’t leave tracks. Some players in the office are particularly good at being Stealthy! You’ll need every tool possible to track down monsters like those!

Should the game really tell the monster "You are being tracked by X"?
Trappers buff AKA tracking should not be for everyone