Monster Toggle


Could you just add a flippin’ switch to the “Choose Role” menu that allows you to turn on and off the “Monster in Party” setting?!?! Please and thank you.

Leader would have full right over whether or not the party can be separated by this and if he sets it to “no” then the fifth person will always be Monster and if he sets it to “yes” then anyone can be Monster.

Seriously. It’s such a simple fix to this whole ridiculous problem that’s been present since launch. Just make it an option and be done with it. Gosh.

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Please consider.


Yes please


If it was that easy to add a toggle don’t you think they’d have done it?


i like this idea


Given that they make choices such as “Nerf tinkerbelling because a competitive team is too strong with Slim + Hank” yes.

Yes I would say that since it’s as easy for them to turn it on and off so give the choice to players and be done with it.

Many Developers take the extremely convoluted solutions over the easy ones. Not shitting on their parade or anything just stating that they don’t always make the smartest of choices.


Turning it off and on in a patch is not the same as adding a toggle that only that leader of a party can use.


Yeah we really need a toggle if we want a party member to be a Monster. I’m back to dodging lobbies when I get Monster now as a group.


It really is.

You have a line of code that permits it or locks it. Depending on the popular opinion being shared this line of code is changed.

All you have to do is make it so when in a party this line of code is represented by a button that when clicked changes the value to a 1 or a 0. At 1 it allows it and at 0 it doesn’t.

It’s really simple.


If it’s that simple volunteer your time to do it I’m sure that you can since you KNOW it’s that simple.


This is not how code works, though.

At the lowest possible level, yes, this is how simple it is. That doesn’t mean it’s that simple to integrate into how they’ve already coded the system.

I’m not saying it’s not a good idea. It is. It’s probably how it should be. But that doesn’t mean it is simple.


Going a little OT but I would love to be a concept designer for TRS or a voice actor for a hunter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or monster


Ah. Yes. Let me go make a mod of this right now. You know. Since Evolve is so easy to mod.

Anyways, this is irrelevant anyways; this is a suggestion to add this feature, not how to do so, so please quit with this conversation okay. Okay. Sounds like a plan.

Obviously I dumbed it down to the most basic of elements but you get the idea. It’s essentially adding a button that does the exact thing that they do every other patch but leaving it to the player’s choice as it should be.


yeah guys, i mean look at the “view players at recent games” at the steam overlay feature, how simple of a feature yet, look how fucking long it take, either the devs didint care about it or it was not easy to implement.


You were the one that said it’s easy and simple and a matter of adding a toggle for a 1 and a 0 so go do it for TRS since you obviously know how since it’s soooooo simple right?

Yeah and you’re insulting TRS by making it sound like something a 5 year could mock up in under a minute. You’re always harping on being polite but you never seem to follow your own advice.


Isn’t it as simple as just picking lne queue or the other? Sure, you cut out the map variants, but that’s really not a huge deal in the meantime.


Huh I guess they did add a toggle after all but they made the button look like separate game modes.


No it’s not. One gets you an enjoyable experience with players as the Monster and the other is boring fighting bots as the Monster.

Saying one is more enjoyable is really subjective but I’d rather have a challenging and “fun” experience with my friends fighting Monsters controlled by players rather than a lackluster boring experience of cat and mouse with a bot Monster.


You’re thinking of co-op vs AI. He’s talking about hunt beta and arcade mode.


I meant arcade and hunt. One allows friends to be monster, the other doesn’t.


One is also ranked and full of annoying behind the scenes things along with hackers and as you mentioned the lack of two maps I thoroughly enjoy.

The other is meant for pure fun and ridiculousness. I’d rather have the option of complete fun rather than 90% fun because the other 10% my friends are being tossed into Monster and then we back out.