Monster to Hunter ratio in hunt is now live yay!

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You didn’t know this O.o

Why did you post the same picture twice? O.o And this has been like that since the micro-patch I think.

its only been live today.

You’re talking about the “Smaller Queue” thing right?

yes yes I am, why are you thinking I’m talking about the Evac queue?

No but I’ve seen this previously to today and I’m 70% sure it was live since the micro-patch. I just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing.

It wasn’t mention in the orignal hotfix.

They miss stuff all the time.

They too high to care I guess.

Or they just change allot, and don’t remember to take note of everything they do for us?

I’ve been seeing this since the patch rolled out ._.

Maybe even both, who knows about the fun and crazy stuff that could happen inside those doors. :laughing:

Well lucky you, I wonder why me and my sister only got this today.

We’ve been queuing a lot in hunt since it’s revamp launch.

It would have been nice if they showed the actual ratio figures
(ie. 1 Monster : 3.72 Hunters for example) Hey, time to go Hunter! Etc, etc.

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