Monster Tips?


i’m apperently REALLY bad at the monster and was wondering if anyone could share tips with me cause i’ve yet to win a single online match so far and i have like tons of hours in the game…


Learn to play a certain build really well and then expand on that. Try playing against bots with different combinations and learn to chain abilities and execute strategies.


could i ask for an example?


Goliath - start off with 1 point in Charge, Fire Breath and Leap Smash.

Fire Breath is great for early game wildlife feeding and the other 2 abilities are good for the times you’re trying to kill an elite 4 meat wildlife… but more importantly Charge and Leap Smash can be used as extra “traversals” so you can escape the hunters and dome throws.

Fighting at Stage 1 should not be on your agenda, so focus on getting to Stage 2 as quickly as possible while staying on the run as much as possible.

There are many different starting setups, but I think this is a rather safe one. And then at Stage 2 just put all 3 points into Rock Throw where you can do some serious damage.


And just a general monster tip is to always be “smelling” so you know exactly what’s around you.


hey i got some tip’s albeit i’ve only won about 15 online games so i’m by no means experienced.

First thing set up a custom defend against bots so you can get used to playing with a monster of your choice with full health and abilities maxed out,that way you will get to know the monsters traits etc…

Second thing when you play hunt online put skill points into the most crucial things early on as you only have 3 at start of game,so if your behemouth put 1 into rock wall 1 into fissure or 2 and maybe 1 into lava bomb don’t do tongue grab till stage 2 or 3,after you have done the first step i said you will quickly know which are that monsters key abilities,i mean for kracken i don’t use the aftershock because your just a sitting duck so you don’t have to use all a monsters abilities.

Third thing don’t go attacking big sloth’s etc early on it’s not worth it concentrate on the deers or what ever they are lol anything smallish.

Personally right now i’d advise going Kracken as in my opinion it’s the best monster and even if you get domed you can fly around at chuck out mines and vortex’s etc…

It’s all trial and error you may just of been playing good hunters who are a group of 4 in party so don’t worry too much but yeah practise on defend and put it to favour monsters with wildlife high so you can top up your armour.


Sorry, but I disagree with much of these tips lol


Heres a tip, don’t use behemoth atm, hes really really weak against most hunters


Not since the micro-patch. Behemoth is the shit now lol. Besides his buggy traversing, but that will never be fixed.


My main issues are that my games freeze a ton while playing behemoth or against him, also the stamina nerf was really bad it makes stage 1 deaths very likely unless the hunters are not coordinating with one another.


Good teams can go to town on him stage 1 with his stamina nerf that’s the problem he’s so big slow and then they nerf staminia,he might aswell stand by dropship landing waiting for the hunters because within a couple of mins you dome him easily anyway


If you disagree at least put in your 10 pennies worth or what’s the point saying I disagree bla bla bla

It’s mostly trial and error everyone plays differently what’s good for me will not be for say you or him


Good Behemoths don’t get domed in bad spots. They purposely get domed where they want so it becomes a death trap for the hunters.


mmmm I give a few but some r basic like never fighting stage 1 esp against a premade team. learn the maps. use ur listen mode and look for trapper ( if notice tht u r always getting cut off) . take advantage of pre made team cockiness, sometimes medic will be chasing ahead of the group ( u need to punish this hard)

I give some rotations on goliath but some times u will choose ur ability base off of the team comp. some will go 1 fire, 1 leap 1 charge for stage one because of the mobility. I go 2 rock throw and 1 on charge. I go this route to try catch ppl sliping when the hunters r chasing me.

combo 1. heavy attck > charge > rock throw> leap smash> fire breath. heavy attck have some hit stun as soon as u connect a hit go into charge the charge will make another hit stun ( also use charge to separate hunters from the group). once the knockback ended follow up with rockthrow ( remember u can bait ppl using their jetpack, hunters who fly up in the air r sitting ducks). rock throw creates another knockback soon as this hits use leapsmash then finish up with firebreath


You start off with this yet pretty much everything you state afterwards is worded as fact, and not as just your opinion.

Why Defend? Just play Hunt because part of him not being good at monster is probably not knowing the Hunt maps that well and not being efficient at farming wildlife. Plus he can work on his Stage 1 builds, which is very important.

Most crucial things for what? Wiping hunters at stage 1? Wildlife farming? Starting builds can be set up for different things.

Behemoth has many good starting builds. And my favorite build INCLUDES Tongue Grab. Starting off with 1 Rock Wall, 1 Lava Bomb and 1 Tongue Grab is effective. You can easily separate a hunter from his team with Tongue Grab and then place a Rock Wall, followed up by a Lava Bomb when you have the hunter trapped. So telling him to NOT do Tongue Grab until Stage 2 or 3 is something I really disagree with. Behemoth can struggle with closing in on a hunter, so using Tongue Grab brings them to you.

A level 3 Aftershock is amazingly powerful and difficult for hunters to escape if you dive bomb them from the air. Lightning Blast or Aftershock should be taken to level 3 when you hit Stage 2. And since this weekend has been the Bucket challenge, Aftershock is great for getting rid of clustered turrets.

The more times you feed, the more likely you’ll get carrion birds attracted to you. So mixing in some 4 meats is a good thing if you have the time because it limits the amount of times you’re feeding.

Once again this really doesn’t teach him anything about how to play Hunt, especially since any abilities he uses in Defend are likely going to be maxed out at level 3, so it’ll give him a false sense of how most of those abilities work for 90% of your monster time.


What’s your Account level? - To get some overall view about what kind of players you are usually up against.

You tried some games in solo against bots yet?

If yes, do you win those easily? - To see how confident you are in your up front fighting skills no matter the evolution level.

What gamemode are you usually playing?

Have you found your ‘go-to’ Monster yet? - The most important part of properly learning the Monstergame is finding your best/most comfortable Monster out of the bunch and stick to it for a while. The playstyles of the Monsters differ so much from each other that you shouldn’t mess up the overall learning process by constantly switching them for a while.

Are you stuck with a certain skillbuild/perk with your Monster? - It may be one of the reasons you keep having no success on your Monstergame.

Have you tried different builds and perks with your Monsters so far? - You can get as many build recommendations as there are people playing Evolve, I’d recommend trying out different ones yourself and see if you find a skillbuild that fits your playstyle.

What is your usual playstyle as Monster?
’The elusive chicken’ that runs and runs and runs as he panics when the Hunters are on his tail at evolution 1-2?
’The bush dweller’ that tends to crawl into as many comfortably big bushes as possible and crosses his claws he won’t get spotted?
’The brawling newborn’ that tends to look for fights at evolution 1 and wonders why those pesky 2 meats keep coming out on top in those fights?
’The wet noodle’ that spreads out his skills so thin at stage 1-2 that he might as well just go into a fistfight with the Hunters?
’The nom nom nom’ Shear is an all you can eat buffet, and he focuses on nothing but digesting every living thing until finally hitting that stage 3 before commiting to anything?
’The average Monster’ as plain as the name suggests the average Monster has not found it’s forte yet and struggles against many at first glance unfavorable mechanics and environments. As the first steps have been taken and the own motor skills are mastered to the degree of moving forward, it is now time to learn about the things that distinguish the average Monster from the better average Monster.
’The better average Monster’ is on the way to greatness, on the road to victory, ontop of the hill and an overall great guy to hang out with on men’s night out. He knows about the things that can give him an edge or put him at a disadvantage. He knows when to run and when to gun. He knows about these things but has yet to practise how to utilize them in a dynamic environment. The most important part of being the better average Monster is ‘knowing’ about these kind of things and to keep researching and experiencing them to learn and ultimately evolve into a better Monster.


There’s no point him playing hunt if he can’t win as monster online because guess what he will keep loosing and won’t learn,so at least by playing defend he can 1- get used to a preferred monster and 2- learn when and how to use each ability.

You only should in my opinion practise on hunt vs bots when you know the monster you want to be and have some tactics in place with that monster otherwise you will keep doing same mistakes.


Dude sometimes as a behemoth in fact most times you get domed in any part of the map and very early on so this strategy would only be good once you at least stage 2 with more health etc but hey who am I your the beast ha


with goliath (my personal favorite) at the start i get 2 in fire breath (for easily killing multiple wildlife) and 1 in leap smash then at stage 2 i try to get all 4 abilities and put 2 in rock throw