Monster tips on roaching


I believe the title says it all, but I do feel like I need some tips, especially with Goliath.

I find myself everytime losing so much health because of the time I spend chasing a Hunter up and down a hill, or around it. I`ve tried doing Rock Throw when the Hunter is going up, but then I still see them barely going out of my claws when I chase them around a pilar or something. Dash is so easily dodged as well. I feel like I am missing something.

Maybe @GrizzleMarine could make a video with tips. Otherwise any input is very appreciated.


I’m a terrible monster, you should discount this tip, but…

Stop chasing them. I feel many a monster gets frustrated because they enter in to the cat and mouse chase and that is exactly what the hunter wants them to do. If you’re not going to be doing damage to them while they get healed up or whatever, then at least do no damage to them while not playing them at their own game and try to change the battlefield.


I will be focusing on tutorials after the title update this summer which may help beginners or inexperienced players out. Goliath is my current favourite to play although I am certainly not the master. You just have to know who to target at what stage and at the right opportunity’s.

You have to also remember that the comp you are playing against will effect your play style and who you target which comes with experience. If you want to become good at Goliath I seriously recommend watching @deanimate game plays as Goliath is his main and I have even learnt a lot from playing against/watching him. :smiley_cat:


True, at Stage 2 I do try to engage more in favorable terrain, caves with little elevation or at least a dome with some form of mitigation (and not much vegetation, because obvious reasons).

But taking this into consideration, I guess Arena cannot be won then with Goliath (or at least not on every map).


If you’re a less skilled Goliath, such as I, then you rely in Arena on getting right in there. Quickly getting in to the action and singling out the medic is often enough of a shock tactic and hard to get in to position for, it stops them really getting to the roaching stage depending on the dome location. It doesn’t work all the time, maybe even only half the time, but that may be the sign of a balanced game at my level :wink:


True, except when it is lazarus with Hank, which is always fun in Arena (sarcasm).
Oh well, goes to show how steep the learning curve is in Evolve.


See… I don’t see roaching as an issue with a Lazarus team. He can’t keep the hunters sustained while they roach and so you can just go off and whittle someone else’s health down and look for a different opportunity.

Anyway, I’ll keep quiet for now and let some real experts give tips :wink:


you kill everybody… then no one can roach… no one…


Sometimes hunters run a pattern when they roach
So I just wait until they come back around and
Rock em.


Yeah that might be something to look at.

Thanks for all the input fellas, just gotta make sure I put this into practice.


I don’t know if this is technically an exploit or not, so I’ma go ahead and tag @Buckets_Sentry_Gun in case it is so he can delete this.

As Goliath, if you walk to the edge of a cliff to the point where he’s sliding off, you can still pick up a rock. Then, you’ll fall through the air while still holding it. You can throw it mid-air or as soon as you hit the ground.

This is pretty great, because when players roach you by jumping down, you can follow them with a rock in hand instead of jumping and then picking it up.


Second comment in case the first one goes RIP.

One of the biggest things is practicing air heavies. If you can land them, a good amount of the time you can jump at a pillar and knock someone off course before they reach the top.

Fire breath is also great for handling this sorta thing - if a player hugs the base of a pillar you’re on, you can’t hit them with a rock, but you can with fire breath, since it widens into a cone as it goes. Leap smash is fantastic for pillars that aren’t too tall - you can aim for the edge of a pillar, jump at it, and Goliath will essentially lower the time it takes to fire it off just by getting to the target location faster. If somebody is roaching up a pillar, aim up and leap smash the edge of it. Even if they manage to get up, you’ll still deal damage, but most of the time you also send them flying away from it.

I’d say the last thing is to not get too tunnel visioned. There’s usually a “best” target, but never an “only viable” target; if you just can’t break through this Rogue Val with Hank because of her roaching, go for the Hank. Then switch back if you have to. Be fast and unpredictable.


Supposedly this will be harder for hunters to do in TU9. I think I heard that somewhere, correct me if I’m wrong.


While there are a few good tips mentioned in previous posts, keep in mind that roaching is Goliath’s primary weakness against a good Hunter team, as it exploits Goliath’s and Behemoth’s immense struggle with terrain more so than any other Monsters.

There’s a few things you can do as Goliath to make it harder on the Hunters, such as sliding off a ledge while using Rock Throw (which will probably be removed in a future patch) and anticipating their movement.
Perks like Movement Speed and Climb Speed will help against horizontal or vertical roaching respectively, but sadly no perk does both.

Ever since the ‘animation sync’ fix that made it impossible to climb while using Flame Breath (and broke Rock Throw and Charge), Goliath’s been having a really hard time against good Hunter teams that know how to roach.
Like I said, there’s a few good tips out there you can try, but it will still be a huge issue. Terrain (and Hunters who know how to use it to their advantage) is, always has been and always will be Goliath’s main huge drawback. All we can do is hope that the upcoming changes for Goliath will help us out.

Yes, they’re giving Goliath more air mobility.
Roaching however, is something typically only done really well by professional Hunter teams. I don’t mean to bash on TRS, but I think it’s safe to say that after the many controversial changes we’ve seen and discussed in Evolve’s lifespan, TRS aren’t the best players in Evolve.
So I’m a little sceptical whether it will really be all that helpful against a team that knows how to roach around terrain against Goliath. (I’m implying that the testing department of TRS is not that kind of team.)

I hope they’re putting a lot of time into testing this buff against various teams. Good Hunter teams.


Flame Breath works or you use Leap Smash and hope to hit the target through a wall or hit him while you land on top, even tho he is still trying to get up. Changing target might be an option too


This…this is exactly what I needed. I have been OK with my air heavies as most Hunters dont dodge in air and if they do, they wont be able to dodge what comes afterwards.

Taking into consideration what you said, I need to practice more. Watch Deanimate runs I’ve seen him take out Sunny drones immediately before focusing further on a Hunter. I think my biggest weakness is tunnel vision that I need to get rid of. Need that sense of awareness and be able to switch to other targets.


This used to be super hard for me (to chase them when they’re going up and down from a edge or whatever) but I learned to get them back on the ground where they belong, as a monster you have to be smarter than the hunters, always think 1929387283773 steps ahead of them. Always try to predict where their going, don’t just land an ability where they’re standing etc. Sometimes the hunters want to trick you, and they’ll get so pissed when you’re being smarter than that lololololol.

As Goliath it can still be hard because he is such a big, heavy, angry and high damage monster, so he can feel really clumsy sometimes and can be hard using him up and down the whole time, but then, just wait for them, don’t waste abilities/traversals, just think where they’re going to be next, easy.

And oh I agree with @niaccurshi , for example if there’s only 1 hunter left and the clock on dropship is really low and you just can’t get him/her. Just go to the relay and hit it, if the hunter shoots you off either scare it and keep on hitting relay, or if you can get a sneak pounce on the hunter that’s great.

Sometimes you just gotta think about what’s best for yourself, who CARES if the hunters get super pissy because you won out of relay, ending with a sneak pounce or whatever. Who careeeeeeeees? Always do what’s best for you, if they annoy you annoy them the f back. :slight_smile:


I like that last part…


If they’re doing a good job at running around something and despite your best efforts they continue to evade you then as others have said, consider switching targets. If you become too predictable the other hunters can help the hunter you’re chasing that much easier. Medic/Support can help if any damage gets through, trapper can slow you down.

Make sure you’re using everything to help with roaching like charge and pounce to close distance quicker. For vertical roaching practice the slide rock and leap smashing into a cliff.


Or just cheese the relay if there roaching, lure him in
I say him because it’s always the last hunter for me that always roaches.