Monster theory


I was watch amc and all the tremors movies are on and then I hatched an idea.if you like the movies you know that there are stages in the graboid life cycle

First the worm
Second the screamer
Not making this up: assblaster

What if they have a monster in its stages of evolution it changes not from a worm to a assblaster but from a creature to a new one changing its play style.if it could it would change the whole game


That would be awesome but if that was to happen it would prolly be a dlc monster later I feel like that might be to much to try and Handel on release


I think later on maybe the 4th monster


Mabes but that would be sweet though I like the idea of the graboids forum of evolution but I would want bigger more fierce creatures as you evolve rather then smaller and semi weaker (in my opinion)


Not what it looks like but on the base of it has a life cycle


Tremors was a great series. Loved all 4 movies.


Yea the 4th one was slow