Monster Theories

I love me a good theory… I’ve been trying to come up with different stories in my head on how these monsters came to be and where they are from, I didn’t have much luck with where they are from but what I do believe is this:

The Monsters are actually more Intelligent than it appears at first glance.
They may have their own planet with their own ‘civilization’
The Eggs…
Monsters are former Colonists

So, Number 1: Intelligence
The reason I believe the monsters are intelligent is because of the way all 3 of them, Goliath, Kraken and Wraith have some form of bond as shown in the final cutscenes of Evacuation. They show teamwork, they aren’t trying to rip each other apart… They rescue and care for their minions (Defending in Nest, Releasing captured monsters, (Goliath on Refueling Tower and Wraith on Wraith Trap). Another thing I noticed was Goliath’s Idle movements… They are very human-like, he shrugs his shoulders and looks around occassionally in a calm manner, showing a degree of self-control leading to the idea that they know full well what they are doing and aren’t just mindless rampaging monsters.

Number 2: Civilizations
They may have their own civilizations somewhere in the universe. As raised in point 1, these monsters share bonds with eachother, indicating that they are fully aware of each others existance. Which means they may have had contact outside of Shear and for seemingly bloodthirsty monsters who exist to kill… It must have been quite a long period of time spent in each others presence. Another point would be Nest. (I know this was a technical issue, but thats boring… Work with me here!) Both Kraken and Wraith raise Goliath babies, without showing any signs of being disturbed, leading to the idea that Goliath may be a ringleader and that Kraken and Wraith hatch and nurture the young on their home planet with Goliath being the away-from-home warrior who hunts because of his tankiness over the other two, which may be why they would see him as an Alpha.

Number 3: Eggs
This was a difficult one… Some of you may have heard Caira expressing her fascination with the contents of the eggs being just ‘goop’. (She brings it up when the Hunters destroy an Egg, the conversation continues if Parnell is on the team.) Because the only time a Monster appears is when another adult Monster is hatching it, brings the idea that the Eggs have some kind of knowledge over other lifeforms and will only produce a baby monster when a recognizable being is present (I.E The Monster) that, or the goop needs churning into a monster, which is why they seemingly attack their eggs to hatch them.

Number 4: Mutated Colonists
This one might sound strange at first glance, but I came to this theory quite rapidly when I realized how many Power Plant maps and acidic lakes there are on Shear. One of the Evacuation round rewards is toxic clouds of neuro gas because of a destroyed Power Plant. Then I considered the way the Monsters ‘Evolve’… It sounds painful and looks it even more, with huge cysts popping out of the monster and large flakes of skin flying off… It looks like an industrial mishap… Maybe they are Colonists how have been exposed to all these different forms of radiation on Shear, resulting in different mutations… (Goliath, Kraken and Wraith Monsters) My first thought that backed me up with this one was how ‘Human’ Goliath is in terms of a ‘Monster’… A quick look and you see he has a very similar frame, two arms, two legs, walks on his legs (Mainly) Then there’s his Torso… He has Pecs and abs, in exactly the same proportional places that a Human would. Then onto Wraith, she lost her legs, but the ‘Human’ shape is still there… (Need I mention she does actually have breasts) She has four arms essentially… But the remains of Human life is still there with two of them… Now onto Kraken… Kraken was a little disheartening to this Theory … But if this is true, this ‘person’ likely suffered the worst of the three types of mutations. Upon closer inspection in game, he does resemble the Human frame but has an obvious affilation to the Aquatic theme, leading me to believe he may have been exposed long enough to the contaminated lakes, being exposed to a water based mutator may have given him his squid like appearance in an attempt for the bacteria to turn the host into an aquatic organism, but this conflicted with the Human side, creating a kinda anthromorphic squid. (The likes of which found on Rendering Plant and Orbital Drill)

Enjoy a cookie, it’s on the house for those of you who made it down here! This is what happens when I play games.

Caira has a few interesting things to say about their origins, and the whole team is convinced they aren’t just creatures, they are something more. But Caira has an interesting line of dialogue about the monsters being a part of some biometric defense system, and I find that idea fascinating. Perhaps some ancient civilization set them here to protect something that Ebonstar and a few other corporations wanted to find? Seems like every big corporation in the galaxy is wanting to drill on Planet Shear. Why? Seems a bit dangerous, dont you think? What is buried under the planets surface that some ancient race might protect it with a race of highly sentient, destructive creatures?

I also think they definitely show signs of having been designed. Again, Caira has a few lines about how they don’t fit into the circle of life on Shear. There’s no need for them to be that big… unless their purpose is to destroy the power relays that is.

This is my current theory.


Yeah thats interesting! I hadn’t thought of them as Bio-Weapons… I hope it’ll get explained a little more of the game’s lifetime.

Something is definently amiss… I don’t believe they are just invaders from deep space…

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There’s a story in Marvel Exiles (great comic) where the Earth is transformed into a living planet and its defences manifest physically as weird humanoid antibodies which start attacking power plants and other environmentally-unfriendly locations. The idea that Shear is somehow sentient/sapient and is fighting back reminds me of that. It’s a pretty cool idea.

Maybe the planet was even set up as some sort of long-game experiment and someone is observing the results of all these encounters. Maybe… it’s all… a big game… :grin:

(The monster types also fill certain niches which would fit with a defensive strategy, so that combined with the cutscenes that show them working as a team would suggest a cohesive force. The lack of any goal beyond REMOVING the humans coupled with their obvious intelligence suggests Shear itself is important to them, rather than the enemy)

I like that theory a lot - especially since shear is where salvaron harvests the precious minerals that are used in their healing products (heal burst, heal grenades, and heal beams).

We also know that the monsters destroyed factor, so they are not necessarily tied to shear. I believe Matthew made a post a while back saying that the monsters intend to wipe shear of all life - not just humans. I still really like your theory, but perhaps things go even deeper.

If they intend to wipe Shear of all life, that makes me think of them as a kind of super parasite, having already destroyed Factor and then spreading to Shear…

That was the impression I got. Perhaps they have stages of development too. Maggie mentions the behemoth and some sort of spawner being the monster’s front line before she left the planet behind. It is some cool stuff!

Maggie actually mentions Behemoth? I haven’t heard that conversation yet! I’ll look out for it :smile:

I haven’t heard it yet either, but some screenshots have been floating through the forums. For some reason it isn’t coming up in my searches. It’s around here somewhere though. I’ll post it if I find it!

She talks about large rock like creatures so its very much implied/confirmed but she doesn’t explicitly call it Behemoth though

Ok awesome! Maybe it’ll be added into the game when Behemoth is actually released, since the hunters aren’t aware of Behemoth’s existance yet… With the exception of Griffin, but I doubt the trailer is canon in-game…

She could be referring to Megamouths there… Because they also look like boulders. But she may have been hinting at Behemoth!

oh, no, it is in game - maggie was one of the few survivors off of factor. She has already seen this all before - behemoth and all. It’s part of what makes her character so interesting. She is reliving a past she thought she escaped…and is given a second chance to change things for the better.

I see… I’ve heard her speak of Factor with Hank when he tells her he thought a Plague destroyed it. It’s all very in-depth and interesting… I just hope this universe is expanded upon…

all these theories are pretty interesting and it keeps a good evidence, but we almost forget behemoths article when it said they think he is reason that he transport new monster via throwing mentor into the space that are maybe filled with mutation, maybe they are colonist exposed to that mentor radiation. but still the planet self defense is more stronger theory then mine. what do you think? :smile:

Nature didn’t make those monsters at all. They have abilities that no other creature on shear has. Definitely engineered by humans. We could cross that off the list that we want to know. The whole story of why they’re destroying planet after planet is still unknown.

when you mention this i go for the basilisk soldier they are engineered super soldier, if you have heard the talk between slim and torvald, they start with torvald tell slim that he had a friend that were the first generation of basilisk soldiers but they were total failure, they cause torvald’s friend to became a blood thirsty monster when they experimenter his DNA with something else. and slim was the third generation of basilisk soldier that actually succeed. this dialogue is very interesting piece that maybe fit the mystery of the monster but however i haven’t found anymore of basilisk soldier story to what happened with first generations soldier.

if turtle rock dev going to expand that basilisk story more later in the year i would love to see, if theory became stronger. but it’s just 50% theory of mine. what do you think?