Monster themes


just want to point out something I’ve noticed. the monsters seem to reflect natural disasters:

goliath: fire, forest fire. known for destroying entire towns back when they were primarily made of wood and straw.

kraken: storms, hurricanes, lightning. were (and are) feared by sailors, like the legend of the kraken.

wraith: death itself. think about it. she’s stealthy and fast, can spirit (pun intended) you away, she could be anywhere, attack at any time, she looks like she’s wearing a hood, and she has scythes for hands. wraith is the reaper confirmed.

behemoth: volcanoes, earthquakes. this one is pretty obvious. volcanoes and earthquakes have been at the center of major disasters throughout history, from Pompeii to Mt. St. Helens

but the real question is, how can we use this information?

the answer’s right here, folks. Help Create a Monster!
at that link, we’re making a monster with a disease theme. what other monsters can we predict, or create? do with this knowledge what you will.