Monster that can talk


Since kala the new support is half monster why not bring a new monster who can talk and taunt the hunters like a human mentality.


That would throw up to many Questions lore wise.

But I wouldnt mind if Kala has some new knowledge about the Monsters due to the fact she “One of them”


She seems to have some knowledge of them in that sense.

But overall I must ask, what purpose would this have canonically and how would it make any logical sense?


How does she make sense she’s half monster if they would experiment with a monster and gave it human biology traits it’s just the complete opposite a kala the monster doesn’t even have to say full sentences just like a taunt or laughter or just making fun of humans


tbh I dont get what u mean.

Full Monster -> Experiments -> Half Human
-> Has anyhow learnd to speak -> is a Jerk

I mean this would be cool if a Monster could copy Voices like “Help” to Lure Hunters that are split into traps but otherwise it’s not a very smart concept.


In these experiments or splicing they could replace part of the monsters brain with human brain and as u said luring hunters that’s also smart and I don’t mean it can speak normally it could say like one word and then grunting


I’ll call it… Little Goliath


@Matthew has already said none of the monsters come or came from (human) experimentation I believe


Then why do the hunters get most of the good stuff kala is spliced with monster thats pretty much experimentation


"Most of the good Stuff"
Is not quite Fitting.
I mean why do you wanna be half Human and Half Monster if you can be a whole Monster.

This Idea is unnecessary.
And if you cant handle critique or opinions, well thats your Problem.



Instead of smelling it taunts, “hey little hunters, I come from your nightmares.” The mental game would be fun or it reveals something sinister like “goliath comes for your blood, I came for what’s in your head.” I like things like that.
Also when you pounce it yells “peak a boo.”


parrot monsterrrrrr


What? Lol.

Kala experimented on herself with Monster HNA. The Monsters were not experiments. The Monsters are not man-made.


It would definitely be cool and creepy if a monster could struggle to talk, like only saying things like “death” or other creepy phrases, maybe make it sound like it’s angry and in pain (since they really are), though it would probably be put of place a bit and it would add a dimension to the monsters that I honestly don’t want to think about. (it’s harder to kill something once you give it emotions)


I believe the monsters to have a kinda hide mind, and since, Kala is in limbo between human and monster, I think that probably the monster side hears it and help her human side understand it.

I don’t think the monsters will ever actually “speak” though, just rather communicate on a telekinetic level.


The monsters could technically evolve to speak as well, since they seem to be able to change to scare humans


OH! addition to my li’l hive mind theory, if it WERE a hive mind, it would be a collective knowledge, perhaps feeding what ever kind of “Queen” they have.
So Kala splicing may of actually given them a HUGE injection of human knowledge, more than they already have; for example, defenses, colony locations, human biology, etc.

Just a theory, just throwing it out there. :blush:


True, true.

They do seem to evolve to mimic and scare humans at the same time.


That makes a lot of sense, Kala couldve seriously messed up


Maybe a monster that speaks using telepathy… So in reality it’s not really talking.