Monster Teamwork


Hello! I gotta say, this game looks awesome and i’m definitely going to preorder it when I can. While I know that Monster V Monster is not planned, could there be a mode where, say, 2 monsters team up against a team of 7 or 8 humans? It would just be cool to see red and blue fighting together.


What about a mode where there are 2 monsters fighting to get the most meat to evolve but won’t hurt each other while the hunters are in two teams, can’t help each other, and they have to try to kill 2 monsters first. It will be a tie if each hunter group kills a monster. To eliminate a hunter group the monsters have to kill all 4 hunters on the team and then that group is out. Name: Trophy Race.


im gonna stem off that idea and make a race mode lol. the monster must race the opposing monster thru checkpoints. hunters spawn in the middle of the map and are all armed with harpoons LOL. oh man that would be so much fun…


Kraken for the win.


Well the 2 monsters and 6 or 8 hunters mode has been said a few times now so hopefully devs might make it a later game mode. What somebody said was that one monster start stage 3 and the other stuck at stage one I think or maybe the second one could evolve. It was a month or 2 ago.