Monster taunts


just like maggie says “the monster is as smart as the hunters, but its alone” i would like to see the monster be a bit cocky and be able to taunt the hunters when it has successfully evaded them from a short battle. and i think i would like to hear a monster with a huge roar that could be heard from anywhere on the map. obviously the roar should be detectable but i dont think it would really matter depending on your monster skills… just a idea


Im a massive scary monster, give me a voice!!!


We have a whole d pad free


D pad is for swapping hunters if there are bots in the game but the stick buttons would work.


I am a PC player, and I support this.

Would also be cool if the monster to mark the landscape intentionally to mess with the hunters, sneaking around leaving trails of claws along the side of a mountain, leaving piles of poop for the hunters to step in and be smelled from a greater range… a lot of possible ideas.

It would give good monsters something to do when the game is in eating simulator mode.


100% support this, I want to be able to taunt the hunters more and I agree that the hunters should be able to hear this wherever the monster is and that it could reveal the location.


As a PC player this would be great, but also maybe an ability to have the Hunters talk too? I love hearing them talk while on the dropship, and I wish I could continue the banter on the ground. Maybe they could even have little anecdotal conversations while tracking the monster? Even talk shit to each other if the Trapper loses the monster, or the Medic “lets” someone get downed.


I don’t think the monster can switch to the hunter bots, so the d-pad should be free


My first monster taunt


lol good point


Hell yeah so many times I wish I had a taunt.

Most of the time I settle for firebreathing or eating a corpse.

But I’d love it if I could make my Goliath flex or at least beat his chest.


I’d like taunts too. Since as mentioned above, there’s like a full D-Pad free for the Monster. Would be cool to climb to the top of a cliiff and taunt the Hunters with a roar or something; adds to that monster movie feeling.


I had made a suggestion like this for the previous test. I absolutely want to make the monsters roar on command. I didn’t think about it from a taunting point of view, but more of a strategic one. Sometimes I want to call the hunters to where I am. I can make noise with attacks and not sneaking. It’d be more epic if I could roar though! :smiley:


Basially we want to make the evolve poses on command


They kind of already do this. At the very least, if someone gets low I know I’ve heard them taking shots at the medic, whether or not the medic is actually doing his job. :slight_smile:


I once saw a stage 2 goliath standing on top of the high ground on the dam. As we aproached him, he breathed fire into the air and then leap smashed toward us. I almost instinctivly shouted: ‘COME THEN, ALIEN! TO THE DEATH!’ It was one of the best moments in the alpha!


I thinks that was me, lol. Who won?


Cant recall. We won thanks to an extremely sneaky revive by me when my entire team was dead. Monster had 1 bar left, i revived the assault just in time and he finished him off


roaring would be fucking awesome!!!


That’s true, I had forgotten about that. But I love that kind of stuff, so I hope for more like that in the full game!