Monster Tails


I think we need more monsters with long awesome tails. I don’t quite know why i enjoy this in some games but a monster designed with a well animated tail is just entertaining. Kraken and Goliath have some great tails. If they make a monster with a prehensile tail, i think I’ll have to rethink my main as Goliath just on that!

Does anyone else truly understand the greatness of the tail!?


Tails are pretty cool.



Wraithist! I think Wraith has great tail too!


Though what Wraith has is more like tentacles, you could argue that she’s got hella tail from the waist down.


I haven’t played Wraith myself yet, and with her feet tentacles it’s hard to tell where it is! I’ll have to look over the portrait art again!

I think I’m going to have to say Kraken has the best tail, despite my favorite beast being Goliath.


Tails is pretty cool.

Well, alright, I do like me some retro from time to time… or should I say classic? :smile:


Wraith’s main tail ( and leg tails if you can call them that! ) is preeeetty long! It’s very noticable at the start of a match when she’s eating something, before you get control of the monster.


Ridged for your pleasure.


I’m sad that I have ruined the Heads or Tails phrase now :frowning: Because honestly, Kraken’s face is the coolest.


Cool tail bro


A tale of 2 tails?


Now that would be cool for a mammalian Monster.


Behemoth has a stubby tail. It’s kind of adorable, actually, like a short tail on a cat or dog.


Really? is there a screenshot that shows it off well?


No screenshot. I saw it during the Behemoth test footage video.

3:13 to 3:25, the camera angle or Behemoth’s position lets you see his tail briefly a few times.


Ahhh! He does have a tiny little rocky tail back there!


Maybe have a monster with a tail-whip ability, like a spin to knock away all hunters that are close.