Monster Tag Team


If, hypothetically, there were some mode where monsters were forced to work together to take on some gargantuan threat like a 100 foot kaiju or, god help us, a team of 4 Sunny’s, what team would you pick? 2 monsters, all abilities still effective in some way (e.g. Spider Trap / Abduct), no duplicates, go.

I think I’d pick either Gorgon Kraken or Gorgon Behemoth for the area denial / damage combos.


We kinda already have a sense of a Monster tag team.

In Nest, you and a minion take down the Hunters. And you can both even sneak attack. Tag team pounce takedown!

Fine, I’ll play along.

Meaty and Gorgon, or Behemoth and Meaty.

Meaty because of the fire Dot and Gorgon because of the other Dot.

Behemoth, idk. Let’s go with damage.


I’m gonna go with Kelder and Meaty because of the dot the Meaty does and how powerful the Kelder is


:behemoth: :kraken_stare:


Meteor goliath and og goliath, both with Cooldown reduction: hello double Flame everywhere :-p


Naaa I would go for meaty and gorgon for the DOT bonus


Good too :-p


kelder and wraith maybe
death spiral someone In the corner then super nova